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Zbigz Premium account and its Alternatives

Torrent is widely used to download movies, games, paid course etc. for free all over the world. Even after being banned in many parts around the world the current population using torrent is very high due to the presence of various methods like proxies. UTorrent is considered the best app for downloading content from torrent and in addition to this there are many options by which you can download content from torrent and one of the most versatile, widely used and reliable ways is using Zbigz. Although some features are limited to Zbigz premium account users, it still is a good option.

What is Zbigz?

It is an online torrent leeching service widely used to convert torrent into direct links. Your work is to post magnet links or upload your favorite torrent file. Zbigz will come up with a download link. Zbigz is better than torrent while downloading large files as it provides high downloading speed.

Zbigz account 

To use Zbigz to download torrent files you should have your account on Zbigz. To make your account on Zbigz you need to register yourself. While registration you can make two type of accounts, free account, and premium account.

Free account: In this type of account you need not to pay money in any form to use the service

  • While downloading you cannot exceed a certain limit (generally it is one GB).
  • You will have moderate type downloading speed. In addition to this, there are many limitations which anyone can overcome by making a premium account.

Benefits Of Premium account:

  • The download speed is high
  •  You can download unlimited data.
  • It has many features in addition to a free account

Features of premium account:

  • It is resume supported, hence if you find any issue you can pause and resume it later.
  • With this account, you will be provided the facility of streaming videos and music
  • By making a premium account you can store unlimited files in your profile.
  • The downloading speed is amazing.
  • There are some files which can be downloaded using premium account only.

How to use Zbigz premium account:

  • To go the website: Zbigs.com and click on the login open
  • Put your login credentials and login to the Zbigz.
  • Depending on what you have, if you have a torrent file then upload it or paste it if you have a magnet link.
  • Then your conversion will start which will purely depend on the torrent health.
  • As soon as the conversion stops your file is ready to download.

Some tips and tricks for using the premium account.

  • Use your free account if you want to download files less than 1 GB.
  • Beware of scam websites. There are many websites on the internet which claims to hack the premium account. They are all fake and a waste of time.
  • Use email id which you use frequently for registration so that you don’t miss any update.

 Free Zbigz premium account:

  • To go the link: http://linkshrink.net/7CN0Mz
  • After visiting this website click on the option username and password.
  • Skip the ad. and you will be directed to other websites
  • Verify yourself.
  • Keep skipping 8 to 9 website other that you will get the username and password.
  • The only problem with this website is that it contains many ads.
  • Get your username and password and start downloading?
  • The best part of the website is that the password changes daily. Hence if someone changes the password you will have new password again in your hand.

 Zbigz Alternatives

Zbigz is the best option for downloading torrent files with high speed and fewer complexities and the reason why Zbigz has become so famous is the downloading speed it provides. But there can be a chance of problems that can occur with Zbigz. So here are some of the best alternatives for Zbigz.


It gives great service regarding direct torrent download and cloud storage and the best part is that you can use it even for streaming videos on any type of device.

2. Off-cloud 

It comes with an easy and user-friendly interface with favorite torrent files. It provides high downloading speed with 100 % secure connection to your torrents.  


It is a cloud-based download manager packed with features and offering unlimited traffic. It is a good alternative regarding quality server and download speed.



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