Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Tips and Tricks

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Tips and Tricks: Top 10 Tips & Tricks, Here, we have come up with some useful tips and tricks that you must know to make maximum use of the Mi Max 2 phablet that you own or planning to buy soon. So here you will find all details about Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Tips and Tricks: Top 10 Tips & Tricks.
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Tips and Tricks : Top 10 Tips & Tricks

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Tips and Tricks: There are Top 10 Tips & Tricks

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1) Customize Quick Settings

To customize the quick settings that appear in the notification panel, open Settings and tap on the option Notification & Status Bar. In the new window, tap on the option Toggle Positions and press & hold to pick up an element and change its position.

2) Power Saving Mode

This feature will enhance the Xiaomi Mi Max’s 2 battery life. Open Settings and go to Additional Settings. From the Battery option, go to Power. From there, tap on Battery saver and toggle the button on.

3) Remove Bloatware

In the Xiaomi Mi Max 2, you can remove the bloatware apps by uninstalling them. To remove an app that was pre-installed, you need to just press and drag the same to the top of the screen near the Delete option. Then, tap on the uninstall button and it will be removed successfully.

4) One-Handed Mode

The Mi Max 2 has a large 6.44-inch display making it an exasperating task to use it in one hand. If you want to use the device in one hand, you must enable the One-handed option from Settings and Additional Settings. Tap on One-handed mode enable it. It lets you use the device in different screen sizes such as 4.5-inches, 4.0-inches, and 3.5-inches as per your convenience.

5) Shortcut Menu

The Shortcut Menu option comes with some internal buttons that are assigned some additional tasks. From Settings → Additional Settings, open Shortcut Menu and turn it on. It will give some shortcuts as shown in the image making it easy for you to use the device.

6) Child Mode

Child Mode option in Settings will help in protecting the Mi Max 2 from kids. You need to give a password for child mode and toggle the button next to the apps that you want to appear in this mode.

7) Adjust Font Size

Go to Settings and tap on Text Size option. From there, you can adjust the font size from XS to XXL as per your requirement.

8) Take a Screenshot

There are three ways to capture a screenshot on Mi Max 2. First, long press on the power and volume button simultaneously. The second method is to open the notification panel and click on the screenshot option. The third method is to enable the Shortcut menu, open it, and click on the screenshot icon.

9) Guest Mode

The Guest Mode feature will help hide your personal data. To activate the Guest Mode, go to Settings → Additional Settings → Privacy → Privacy Protection and Guest Mode.

10) Register Fingerprint

Firstly Go to Settings → Lock Screen & Password → Screen lock & Fingerprint → Add Fingerprint and follow the on-screen instructions.

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