Whatsapp web is nothing but a desktop version for whatsapp. Using this app you can operate your whatsapp from your pc or laptop, you can access and sync all of the chats but you do not have calling feature which the mobile app has. Everything that you will do on web will be sync and shown on your iPhone or your android phone, hence all your chats and activities will be synced irrespective of where you use it. The main advantages of web based whatsapp is that it increases your typing speed and for those people who have hours of work on laptops or pc they don’t need to open up phone again and again, at the same time they can use whatsapp and continue their work. Here this article is all about general information about web whatsapp.

It will be hard for anyone to find out whether you are using web based or app based whatsapp, each and everything stays the same , you will get the same blue ticks which turns blue as soon as your massage is seen.

To open your account on whatsapp web you need to scan QR code and this QR code is usable only for Single time after that it is of no use, to log in again you need to scan again with a New QR code. This ensures the security by ensuring a single connection between a web client and phone.

Web client is not the permanent thing it is only available till it is in use, thing means that nothing will be stored on your PC to view your attachment you need to download them personally. The main motto behind web based whatsapp is that to use WhatsApp while you use computer, you need not to switch between devices.

On web version you are not given with some of the features like delete or forward option is not available in the web based whatsapp you cannot create groups or you can leave from groups, the thing to tell is you need to switch to app version for it full functionality.



  1. You need to open up your chrome, Chrome is the only way you can use whatsapp on pc hence open up your chrome and search for https://web.whatsapp.com and add your mobile number to it on which you have created your whatsapp account.
  2. The criteria is that you need to make an account on your mobile whatsapp first in order to use web whatsapp.
  3. Once you are done with entering number on the screen you will be flashed with a QR code, use your whatsapp setting on your mobile and select whatsapp web.
  4. Scan the QR code with your phone and you will be automatically logged into the Whatsapp web on your PC.
  5. The whatsapp web uses end to end encryption for all tis massages and in addition to this you can even check at any time your phone is connected to your pc, which again enhances the security.
  6. As soon as you sync your whatsapp you will get all your contacts and chats on your screen on using notification setting you can personalize your web whatsapp and get started.


  • The whatsapp web client uses your phone to connect and send messages, your web session stays active as long as your phone has a connection to internet. This means that while you use it on the web your phone data connection is constantly in use.
  • You can use web whatsapp only on chrome Browser except chrome web whatsapp is not supported by any other Browser, hence to use web whatsapp you are bound to use chrome Browser.
  • Emoji’s are not bound to your Keyboard as on your mobile keypad, you need to add them using your keyboard from the available one.


  • You can use your keyboard to type this increases the ease with which you can deliver your massages.
  • You can view contact information, start a new conversation with anyone and even search for conversation. One of the best thing is you can access media and also you can download media directly to your pc.
  • You can view group chats and reply in group chats.
  • You can connect multiple computers to your phone and save them for future, and also you can remotely disconnect any browser from your phone.
  • Get on to desktop whatsapp share photos record audios, use your webcam and many more things to do.


  • You cannot start or make a new group chat.
  • You cannot share contacts or maps.
  • You cannot use the feature of blocking form web based whatsapp, hence to block anyone still you need to use your mobile whatsapp.

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