What is VulkanRT (Runtime Libraries) & Should You Remove It?

I’m sure you’ve seen a weird named program “VulkanRT” on your computer in  Program Files (x86) folder, or on your apps list in Windows 10.

Most of the people think or assume that VulkanRT(Runtime Libraries) is a virus or malware that harms their computer.

Do not worry, if you think that this is some sort of malware, virus or some other harmful folder in your PC. The short and best answer is that it is not” harmful program, virus, or malware at all. However, the question still remains, what is VulkanRT.

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What is VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Libraries)?

vulkanrt runtime libraries

VulkanRT is Vulkan Runtime Libraries is basically a cross-platform graphics API, and the main goal of this API is to ensure that performance in 3D applications is improved as much as possible. The 3D applications here involve games, as well as interactive media.

It is actually healthy for your PC, especially if you happen to be a gamer.

“VulkanRT” also aims to provide a balance between your CPU and GPU usage.

The API was created by the Khronos Group, a consortium that is responsible for creating several open standard APIs as well.

Along with reducing CPU usage in 3D applications, Vulkanrt also aims to spread workloads more evenly across multi-core CPUs. The best part you really need to know about VulkanRT is that it actually works a lot like DirectX 12. However, the main difference here is that DirectX 12 is limited to Windows 10 only, whereas VulkanRT is capable of working on a number of different operating systems like Linux, Windows, Android, as well as iOS and Mac OS.

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How Did Vulkan Runtime Get Installed on My PC?

I know this question is continuously repeating in your mind so the answer is, If you’ve recently installed new graphics drivers for your NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, and you’re just now noticing VulkanRT, then the program likely got installed when you updated your drivers.

There is another reason that if you’ve downloaded a new game, it’s possible that you added VulkanRT when you downloaded that game.

Here are a lot of games that support VulkanRT, and some games actually have it as a requirement, obviously it is a good program.

Should You Keep it or Uninstall It?

Now you all are wise to know that you should keep this program or not. As I mentioned above the plus and advantageous points of the VulkanRT program.

One more thing if your anti-virus program is telling you that VulkanRT looks suspicious, you can totally ignore its warning.

It is a totally safe program to have it on your PC.


You’re lucky to have this program on your computer and of-course you know it is healthy for your computer if you play a lot of games. It gives a boost to your computer in a good way.

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