UBON UB-210 Stereo Headphones Review : Best Budget Headphones

Headphone’s Save life’s when you are travelling, and So it is definitely good to have one! but, it is quite hard to pick a right One in this huge Crowd of headphones right, So! today We have decided to Solve this problem for you, How.? let’s find out,
As this, is our full Review of the  “UBON ub-210 Stereo Headphones

Build and Design

As always let’s Start with the build, and by No Surprise! these are built entirely out of plastic, but they don’t Certainly feel cheap and there is Some weight to it which helps in the ergonomics too! but that’s not to say that they are heavy! on that contrary they are actually quite lite, which is ideal for those who plan’s to use them a lot while Traveling and will definitely help for long Session’s, and speaking about long Session’s the wire is actually quite long I assume it is 1.5mts long So that’s more than enough for me, and it is pretty Steardy too! and due to the fact that the wire is made out of fibre I am pretty Confident that they will not break! and I mean it.., but one of my major concern is that they Tangle a lot and a lot means actually a lot! Taking that PUN aside, the Ear cups are actually quite soft and comfortable, which helps a lot, but all of what I have just said will not matter to you if they don’t Sound Good right! And here is where iam happy to report that these Sound amazing and these stand neck to neck with that headphones which cost at least 5 times higher than this, and actually these Stand a pretty good balance between being Bass heavy or let’s say being blant, Which is ideal for those who like to listen a lot of podcasts as it will not Strain you’re ears when you plan to use it a lot..!, and a lot of Gamers will appreciate that, and you can use them with PC’s laptop’s or Smartphone’s for that matter, but as is the Case with many headphones these don’t come with microphone built-in, but that doesn’t matter to me but what matters is controls for volume and they are not built-in, So that’s some compromise that we can expect for that price, apart from that, what is good is that for just 300/-INR or just under 5$US these are literally a Steal and look No! further if you are tight on your wallet..! And if you are interested in buying one then the Best buy links are mentioned Below..!

Finally if you are still not Convinced by the advice article and want to take an in-depth look at the Headphones the do check our Video Review of theBest budget Headphones 2016 -“UBON ub 210 Stereo Headphones
Link’s to the Same Can be found below..!

So what do you feel about the best budget Headphones 2016, Di you agree with our conclusion let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below..!

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