Top Tips and Tricks to write an attractive Article or Blog

If you are here then it is probably because you are a blogger or you are just starting up blogging either way you should know how to write Good quality and attractive blog or article to bring more traffic to your blog but writing a blog isn’t the easiest thing in the world nor it is the most difficult thing if necessary Steps are taken so today let’s discuss about that as today we are going to share

Top Tips and Tricks to write an attractive Article or Blog.

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Disclaimer : The Tips featured below are in no order and every tip is as important as the others so definitely follow the Tip carefully for better results.
Research about the Topic
You just found a topic intriguing and you felt others will feel the same so you start writing on it irrespective of the fact you know about it or not, no that’s wrong that’s totally wrong as before writing about any topic you should do a ton of research on it and gain knowledge or information on it, and are doing all that when you come to a conclusion then you should write on it, and if you follow this eventually you will get great traffic on your Blog/Website and some of the places we recommend for research on any topic is Wikipedia, Google Books, Google Scholar.

Writing the Topic in a Well Formatted Post
Now that you have followed our first Tip and you have Researched a lot on the subject but later While putting everything that you learned into a blog you describe or write the Post in a wrong or unimpressive format then all your hard-work will mix in the ground as what will be the benefit of all your hard-work if you can’t present in a attractive way or at least in a impressive way! So before going directly into the topic you should first talk a bit about the history or you should give a bit of glance about the topic and what can the reader expect from it in that way the reader will be inculcated into the topic after that do the regular stuff and don’t forget to add some jokes or Pun in between which will keep the readers entertained.

Writing Headlines
According to research it takes 8 Seconds for a reader to decide whether he wants to read the blog or not after coming to the Website/Blog hence in that short span of time the only thing that can help them intrigued to the topic is by using Attractive headlines I.e., even if you need to pass a normal information write the headlines in a way that the reader will definitely stick till the end as if it is about the world war but that doesn’t mean that you will write any thing as a headline just to keep the reader on your blog as, if you mislead the reader by writing attractive but irrelevant Headline then it will definitely irk the reader and if such thing happens then the reader will never ever come back to your Blog, hence use Attractive Headlines but only those which you feel will not irk the readers.
Use Long tail keywords
Using short keywords are not bad and many big and successful blogs use Long tail keywords as they don’t have that much of competition, but as you are just starting up if you use short keywords or the keywords that are most used then you would have to compete with millions or sometimes even billions of other small blogs, For Ex: if you are writing about a “Car Repair Garage in America” and keyword that you use is “repair garage” or “Car Repair garage” then your blog has to compete with all the blogs which use the same kind of keywords and even if your blog appears on top and the reader finds it after opening the blog if the reader or citizen is of Australia he will simply go out of the blog and in this will increase the Bomb rating on your site which is never a good sign and to avoid that if you simple use Long tail keywords such as “Car repair garage in America” or “Car repair garage in America for cheap” then you will have to compete with almost 50 times less blogs and which will eventually increase your ranking and will fetch appropriate readers to your blog! So use of Long tail keywords is highly recommend.
There you have it a quick look at the List of all the ethical Tips and Tricks that will help you in Writing an attractive Blog or Article, So did the above info help you in any way to make a better content and attract more audience if not are there any tips that you feel are worth featuring on this list, do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your Favorite Social Networks.

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