Top 5 Tips and Tricks of Huawei Honor 6X that might Surprise you?

Huawei with it’s subsidiary Honor Launched the Honor 6x aka the SWAG phone with Fantastic dual camera on a budget but what else is SWAG about the phone well you might be surprised but the Software but it’s not perfect so today let’s try to do something about that and take a look at the Top 5 Tips and Tricks that might Surprise you?

Huawei Honor 6X Best Tips & Tricks

 5. Change DPI settings
So the first Trick on our list is DPI settings and if you are holding the Honor 6x or reading this on it then you probably know that the Honor 6x comes with large DPI settings, which is helpful to old audience or for those who like the text to float on their face but to a normal user like you and me the DPI feels a bit large but thankfully you can easily change those DPI settings by just going to,
Settings> Display > view mode and select how large or small you want the DPI to look.
4. Network Speed
It’s quite annoying when you know you are connected to WiFi but can’t play your favorite Youtube video and all the time you are wondering was it actually connected but later you realize that the connection was successful but the internet was not available, but all this time wouldn’t have wasted if you could see the network speed and stop the try but you didn’t earlier right so here do it again for that go to the, Settings > Notification panel and status bar > Enable Display network speed that’s it!
3. Enable Developers Option
Android has its own Secret settings in itself which will make your Device look really new but for that as I said it’s a Secret settings right so we have to enable it from being hidden so to enable it just go to Settings > About phone > Tap on the Build number 7 times continuesly which will enable the Developer option and you re good to go.
2. Eye Comfort
I know we all are addicted to using our Smartphone’s at night and it has been theriotically been proven that the blue light from our Smartphones hurt our sight so just to counter tackle that most of the modern day Smartphones come with a Blue light filter built-in and in this case Honor calls it eye Comfort which does the same work so enable that all you have to do is head on over to to Settings > Display > eye Comfort > Enable eye Comfort and you are done now you don’t need to worry food being owl’s at late night.
1. Enable WiFi Repeater
So the final Tip on our list is feature which is One of the if not the best and unique feature of the Honor 6x is using your Device in this case using your Honor 6x as a ‘WiFi Repeater’ confused not to worry as WiFi Repeater is an option whereinyou can use your Honor 6x as a router but not as a hotspot as you can repeat your connected WiFi Network without telling your friend the actual WiFi password which is quite handy so to take the advantage of that all you have to do is again head-on over to Settings > WiFi > Advance Settings > Turn on WiFi plus and this will make your device a WiFi Repeater great right enjoy all the Tips and Tricks and make your friends stunned at the knowledge that you have about your own device.
So, there you have it all the tips and tricks that will help you in getting better experience out of your Honor 6x but these are not all so are there any that you might feel should be considered in the list featured above if yes then let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your favourite social medias..!

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