Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks that will blow your mind!

The Galaxy S8 is an amazing device it packs many features that will easily lure you to spend a $1000 (atleast in India) but due to the fact that the Galaxy S8 is an feature riched device many don’t actually know the hidden features of the same but not to worry as today we are going to cover “Top 5 Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks that will blow your mind!”

5 Best Tips & Tricks Of Samsung Galaxy S8 

5. Unlock your phone the old School way
If have ever used any Galaxy device earlier then you might have loved the tap on the home button to unlock your phone and we wouldn’t blame you for that but from the introduction of the new and gorgeous Infinity Display Samsung had to get rid of the home button which forced them to put the fingerprint scanner way up near the camera module and to be honest it wasn’t an ideal decision so to go to the old school way of unlocking your your Galaxy by just tapping on the home button all you have to do is just head on over to Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Enable unlock with the Home Button.

4. Quick launch the Camera
Just as mentioned earlier with the introduction of the infinity display the Galaxy S8 had to get rid of the physical home button, so what does that mean? it means you can’t launch the Camera quickly by double Taping on the home button well that’s true but you can still quickly launch the Camera by double Taping the Power button.
 3. Make your Galaxy Smaller
Okay! I know the title doesn’t exactly suite the tips but it kinda serves the purpose, so we all know that the newest Galaxy are tall phone’s especially the Galaxy S8+ and although they aren’t quite tall as the iPhone (+) counter parts they are still tall phone’s and so it might be a bit difficult for anyone to reach the every corner of the device which is quite annoying at times so to tackle that you can just triple tap the home button to shrink your humongous screen and come into one hand mode, so to enable that go to Settings > search for one handed mode > and then enable it.

2. Remap the Virtual navigation keys
We all know the biggest feature on the Galaxy S8 is it’s infinity display and also introduction of the virtual navigation keys but did you know you can easily remap the Virtual navigation keys to your liking (which wasn’t possible with the previous Galaxies) so for that all you have to do is head on over to Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Button layout.

1. Change Navigation bar color
While we are at the subject of Navigation bar why don’t we talk about customising the navigation bar to your liking so for that all you have to do is head on over to Settings > Display > Navigation bar > change the color to your liking in this way you can change your Navigation bar to the way you want.
So there you have it a quick look at all the best Tips and Tricks on the shiny new Galaxy S8 which will probably blow your mind but these are just a few tricks that we came to know are there any tips that you feel should be featured on this list do let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your favorite Social Networks! 

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