Top 5 Fitness Apps 2016

Top 5 fitness apps..!

Being fit is everyone’s Dream, and So people spend thousands of Rupees and valuable time in Gym’s, yet! they get very little benefit from it..! But what if we say you’re Android device will help you in getting fit..! YES..!
your own Android device..! As, These are the Top 5 best Fitness apps 2016..!

1. FitNotes Gym Workout Log..! [Free]


There are a lot of fitness apps available in the Playstore, which will help you in being fit but, this app takes a different approach as the creator of the app ‘James Gay’ has created the app in such a way that it keeps track of all the activities that you regularly do in day to day basis and will help you in monitoring your activities and it will help you in tracking you’re statistic’s about what you intake..! So it is quite different fitness app and is worth checking and the best part is that this is free in the Playstore And has no inn-app purchase’s..!

2. Google Fit..! [Free]


Google Fit is an app that has been available in the Playstore for a while now, and has been updated quite a bit and it has all the bits and pieces that will help you in monitoring your Stats as well as in adjusting your daily habits, that will help you in building better fitness and the best part of it is that it has the seamless integration with Android wear which makes it a must have app for those who have a Smartwatch and it is also free in the Playstore and will always be..!

3. Ingress..! [Free]


YES! Ingress an hour of right Gaming can make you fit, and we mean it..! but before you freak out..!, Let us explain how.? as the developer of ingress has designed the app in such a way where the most frustrating experience in being fit is that getting yourself out of your house even for a walk.., and to help overcome all of this you would have to do is just play an hour of Game as this is in such a way where you will need to complete many missions if you wish so, in which you will need to move out of the house for cycling or even for biking..! So if you are not fond of regular fitness apps this will be a different approach..! and is a must try for those who want to get fit as well as want to get entertained..! and is also free in the Playstore but has some inn-app purchase’s if needed..!

4. RunKeeper..! [Free]


Runkeeper is another fitness tracking app which takes fitness tracking to a whole new level, in which you will have to keep tracking your Virtual fitness, yes..! Virtual fitness sounds a little odd right but once you start using it, you will never find yourself in downloading any other fitness apps and this app has a kicker in it,
by which it will integrate all your Stats with other fitness apps (some of which are listed in this list aswell) soo overall this app is worth checking and spending your minute..! as it is a free and has no inn-app purchase’s..!

5. Runtastic Running and Fitness..! [Free]


Runtastic Running and Fitness apps is another entertaining fitness tracking app, which has a lot of modes built-in and it also has seamless integration with Android wear so thats a nice touch and it will track several activities such as walking, cycling, biking, and running aswell with the help of ‘GPS’ and there is also a kicker in this app for those who own a SONY smartwatch you will have additional feature’s and functionality so if are someone who carries one the those then this app becomes a must try..! And is available for free in the Playstore..! with in-app purchase’s if needed..!

These were all hand picked 5 best fitness apps that will help you in being fit, and we have picked the best apps which will not break your bang and so you will not get cheated with some of the cheap apps which will waste your time and data.!

So what do you feel about the apps listed above and are you going to download any of those,, let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below..!

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