Top 10 innovation in technology

Top 10 innovation in technology

We are the first generation after the Internet has been invented, and the world has advanced like never before in the past few decades. Computers have changed the face of the world greater than what raw science was able to do, until yet.

Ever after the computers came to life, there are many intelligent inventions made which helped us in advancing the humanity through the power of technology.

Here follows a set of ten important inventions that bettered the humanity in the past few decades.


Precisely the heart of Google Maps, without which we can’t even find our way home when we are drunk. The GPS system which became functional in 1993 was embedded into mobiles and other devices that helped millions of people and businesses.

2.Social Media

As a matter fact, we have other people to blame rather than Mark Zuckerberg. Because there were other addicting apps of the same sort, out of which Friendster is considered to be the beginner. And it is needless to say, the world cannot live without social media now.


Because laziness and the need for a luxurious life will always lead to greater inventions. And now, people can bring anything they want to their doorstep, and sell anything they have at the price of profit, all at the click of a button! Whoever might have started e-Commerce, Amazon rules the industry now.


Introduced in 2008, this magical coin has let the users transact peer to peer, worldwide. This new kind of money hasn’t accepted by some countries yet, but is surely going to be the future of the economy.

5.Smartphones and Touch Screen technology

Can you imagine a man without a smartphone? You might even think he is physically challenged! A recent survey has revealed that people are more likely to get panic attacks when they accidentally lose their phone – explains the significance of smartphone in our everyday life.

With millions of masterminds garnering their innovations and wrapping up into this handy device, we can never miss out the bliss of the technology.I assume NTT DoCoMo have never foreseen the power what they have built when they first released the smartphone.

Because our fingers no longer type. They only touch!


This is what happened when Steve Jobs thought great technology should look equally beautiful. And people loved these overpriced phones. They may be faster, they might have state-of-the-art features, they have great cameras, but most people buy these phones as they are obsessed with the brand itself.


While a few people are learning here, a few are earning. YouTube has answers alive for almost every question that the human mind has. People learn to make and break things here, watch movies and learn to make movies, and some people even love to watch softporn here.This genius invention lets people cry their brains out, and will put the money from one pocket to other.


Changed the face of the mobile world, and created a heaven for open source developers. Nearly killed our old favorite keypad enabled Nokia mobiles, and through the storm it created, every other company has started making their own version of smartphone software with the power of Android.


Not just a revision control repository, but a safe place for all the enthusiastic programmers who created invaluable software that helped good applications becoming great.

10.4G Mobile Telecommunications

Speed is the new buzzword now and the internet speeds are on a roll after 4G. The world doesn’t look for WiFi hotspots any longer, the mobiles are powered with 4G technology.

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  1. Thanks for the share. I’m always amazed at how rapidly has the technology grown in the past few years. I still remember CRT monitors, Gameboys and early mobile phones.


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