How To Change Steam Screenshot Folder Location In Windows – 2019

steam screenshot folder

I’m pretty sure you have taken a screenshot on steam while playing the game. But the main thing is that do you know where does steam save a screenshot? No need to worry, this tutorial will surely help you out to find that steam screenshot folder location in your PC.

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Before knowing this you should know:

How To Take A Screenshot While Gaming?

To take a screenshot while you’re playing on steam, you just have to press the default key binding of F12 (by default). By pressing the F12 key, you can take a screenshot while playing games on steam. Now, you can publish it on the steam community or any social media website easily.

Now coming on the main topic…

How To Change Steam Screenshot Folder Location

Above are the easiest and effective steps to change steam screenshot folder location in windows :-

  1. Open steam in your windows, then click on “View” and then click on “Settings”.
  2. After that step, a new window will open in steam itself then click on “In-Game”.
  3. Now you will clearly see an option of “Screenshot Folder” below the screenshot shortcut keys option.
  4. Click on “Screenshot Folder” and select or create a new folder where you want to save the screenshot of steam, then click on “Select” and click on “OK”. FINISHED!!!


We had made this article short and simple. The reason behind making it short and simple is to make our respected viewers understand this better and it gets easy to solve the problem of locating the screenshot folder of Steam. Moreover, we told him above how to take a screenshot while playing. Hope you all liked it…

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