Sony STH 33 Review

It’s been quite a while that we have reviewed a Sony Headphones, and the last time we reviewed one you guys crushed the numbers but that’s almost 6 months earlier things have changed quite a bit now so why not give a try to its bigger brother as here we are and is our full review of the Sony STH 33.., Be sure to read till the end to get a better look at the Headphones..!

Build and Design
So, as always lets Starting with build and there isn’t much to say as this does feel like any other one Yes..! there isn’t anything ground breaking about the build quality but thankfully it doesn’t feel cheap like others in this Price Segment feel & the Mic is built-in which even my 15$ Sennheiser CX 180 lacks and surprisingly there is not only switch to answer or reject the call but also volume up and down buttons which is great so you can not only easily change the volume but also play and pause the music without even touching the phone for all those muddy moments so that’s great but,,

Sound quality

But what all of what we have just is of waste if they don’t sound good right and here is where we are a little underwhelmed now don’t take us wrong as they are not bad but the Last time we used the Sony MH 750 we were blown away with its sound quality and these aren’t quite that level..! But still it has nice Bass to it and it does separate mids and lows nicely and there is richness to the audio quality and you can actually listen to the every minute detail in what’s going on in the music and despite it being open back type., they do a pretty good job of isolating the background noise resulting in great experience and it gives other expensive noise cancelling headphones a run for their money, and finally the part by which we are a little underwhelmed is that it amplifies any music literally any music and it crushes the vocals but if you keep the volume less than 50% then it will be okay but if you raise the volume over the it then the music will feel a little muddy so what we recommend is if you want a good experience out of this Headphones then don’t listen to higher volumes as will be disappointed but talking about volume the Micro phone is again not that loud and we had more than several instances where other person on the call complaints that we weren’t sounding that loud but other than that, it will get the job done ..! and if you are a Youtuber and are tight on the wallet but still want to use it as a Microphone then to demonstrate it the entire voice over for this video is recorded using this microphone so that you can judge the audio quality.. So, Over all the what we want to say about this Headphones is that although there are few short comings such as an average build quality and inconsistent sound in the other side of the person,, but Let’s face it which budget Headphone doesn’t have a con so if you be generous and can look pass all these,, than literally for just a price of under 250/-INR or just under 4$ these are literally a steal for the price especially if u own a device that has support for Dolby atmos software then you should look no further as they pump up the quality to whole new level and it’s not just about sound alone,, it’s about user experience that too for the price and for the days that I used it, I never felt that I have bought it for that cheap and I literally forgot the price despite its short comings…!!

So… at the end of the day..! these earphones are by every means the one best earphones available.. and just to keep in mind Guys we are not being sponsored by the company to say anything and these are our own thoughts from our experience using the earphones, and if you are interested in buying one then the best buy links will be mentioned right below that like button..!!

If you are still not Convinced and want to take a look at the Headphones then check our video Review of the earphones in our fellow Youtube channel TechTeachers  Link to that can be found Below..!


So, there you have it the our full review of the SONY STH 33 and so do you agree with our Conclusion of not what do you think do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below and Help us out with some sharing on your favourite Social Medias..!


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