Sony MH-750 Review – Best Budget Earphones (2018)

Sony MH750 Review

Budget earphones never blow our minds but they are still a great alternative for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money and still want a decent pair for some work..,,, if this is the case with you as well then you are in the right place as these are the best budget earphones that money can buy.. And yes I mean it.. Why?.. Lets find out in our full written review of Sony MH-750 stereo headphones or other wise known as the best budget earphones 2018..! Let’s get started..!

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Build & Design of Sony MH750

We have tried a lot of earphones and it is uncertain to say this one feels like any ordinary earphones. There isn’t anything ground breaking about the build quality but it literally doesn’t feel cheap at all, the mic is built-in which is rarely found in earphones these days. We also have a switch to answer or reject the call and yes you can even change the tracks by that button and as a cherry on top. Along with it we get 2 pairs of extra replaceable earbuds which we don’t normally see in these budget earphones and you guessed it right you even get a clip so that your wire doesn’t get away and you can clip where ever you want.

Features of Sony MH750

All of these features are quite nice over all, but that’s all a waste if they don’t sound good, right. But here is where you will be happy to say that these earphones sound amazing..! They just want you to sleep to the music at night with comfort and listen to whatever music you have on your device. They have a pretty nice bass and it does separate mids and lows nicely to enhance the richness to the audio quality so you can actually listen to the every minute detail in what’s going on in the music despite being the open back type. They do a pretty good job of isolating the background noise but obviously it will not cut the background noise of a baby crying beside you, although it will certainly reduce the wind noise resulting in great experience, and actually I never had to raise the phones volume more then 50% as they are too loud but certainly your mileage may vary.

They do serve a great purpose of speaking on the call as they sound amazing, but the only con I feel is that the other person on the call complained that I was not sounding that loud, but over all these do a great purpose,, and if you are a Youtuber and are tight on the wallet but still want a good quality microphone then these do serve for that purpose as well..

Sony MH750 Price 

More of a Steal than Deal

sony mh750

Over all these earphones are the best budget earphones ever made, yes there are few short comings such as an average build quality and inconsistent sound on the other side of the call, but still if you can look past all these, then literally for just a price of under 200/-INR or just under 3$ the Sony MH750 are  a steal for the price, especially if u own a device that has support for Dolby Atmos software. So you should look no further as they pump up the quality to whole new level and it’s not just about sound alone,, it’s about user experience the days that I used it,I never felt that I have bought it for that cheap and I literally forgot the price…!!

So, at the end of the day..! these earphones are by every means the best earphones ever.. and just to keep in mind guys we are not being sponsored by the company to say anything and these are all our own thoughts from our experience using the earphones, and if you are interested in buying these then it’s a green signal from us and the best buy links will be mentioned below..!!

And what do you think about these new budget earphones from Sony..! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below..!

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