Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun Review

A huge Success of mobile gaming there hasn’t been any better time then enjoying your favorite games right on your PC or Computer and one among the few best games to enjoy is the Shadow tactics blades of the shogun and today lets take at quick look at the game and know more about it as this is our Full Review about Shadow tactics blades of the shogun.

With a Tribe of Assassins, we have to enter in to the outer gates and make any one of my Assassins find the District Guard, later we will be all set for our Shotgun which is our real Target.

 Shadow Tactics : Shadow blades is one of the finest games built on the ever famous concept of sneaking unnoticed move from a different point to a different point, and there isn’t short availability of Games based on such Tactics, which is a good or a bad thing depending up on how you take, as it still bugs me that I have to wait for the right time and right place for me to make the perfect move but what annoys me the most is if i take one wrong move or a miss step then i would have to start from the very scratch (ahh).

As many of the stealth games Shadow Tactics can be a bit challenging and intimidating at the same time but it never gets to a level wherein it feels as a punishment, it is due to the fact as right from the start of the game you have been thought to save yourself very often then not, but if you neglect it for more than a minute then you will find a Timer thrown right on your face so watch out for that.

 It can be annoying but Sudden turns can actually benefit you a lot by evolving the relation between all the Top 5 main characters. some of the party members include Sturdy Samurai, master of Disguise Aiko, Mugen, Wool Ninja, Hayato who is the Facto leader and some small players in the mix.

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So if you sit and strive to complete the entire game its a full 20 hours adventure which can make you stick to the computer for quite a long time. All and all the Shadow tactics blades of the shogun is one of the better games we would personally Recommend you to download and try at least once.

There you have it a quick look at the Shadow tactics blades of the shogun game, so what do you feel is it something worth considering or you feel stealth makes games are just waste of Time and Money, do Let us thoughts in the Comments Section below and help us out with some sharing on your favorite Social Networks.

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