Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Full Review

Samsung Note 5


Over the past couple of years, Samsung has presented us with a range of Note phones. Each one of the models has outsmarted the previous model and Samsung has done it yet again. The recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has created a furor globally. The introduction of the S Pen in this model has created unimaginable demand for this cellular device worldwide.


The previous model of the Note, had a cheap plastic back case whereas the amazing Note 5 has a slim metal and glass frame. The phone is also far slimmer than its predecessors. The 5.7 Quad HD Super AMOLED (518 ppi) screen is beyond magnificent.

S Pen

The S Pen addition to this model is a great boon. This tool is unbelievably useful and makes it quick and simple to maneuver across the screen.


Besides the standard charging cord that comes along with the phone, a wireless charging pack is also provided to the purchaser. This wireless charging pack is a handy and trustworthy companion to have. Now you can charge your mobile device no matter where you are.


This phones camera is simply unbeatable. The camera comes pre-equipped with a fantastic Optical Image Stabilization technology as well as a Video Digital Imaging Stabilization Technology. The photos produced by the Note 5’s camera are clear and unblemished. Videos can be recorded in 4K / UHD, which give a sharp and rich viewing experience. The rear camera is 16MP and the front camera is 5MP. The advanced Selfie technology in the camera comes with a range of interesting and effective filters that ensure excellent photo quality.

Memory and Internal Storage

The Note 5 comes with either a 32gb or a 64gb internal storage option. The Note 5 however does not have a microSD card slot. The missing microSD card slot can be tormenting for those who store large amounts of vital data on their phones. Besides this, in the 32gb inbuilt memory phone the actual usable memory is only 24.85gb. The sim card tray has finally become a nano sim tray as opposed to the micro sim tray that the Note 5’s predecessor had.

Battery Life

The Note 5 does not come with a removable battery; the battery in this model is inbuilt. The battery capacity in the Note 5 is 3020mAh. One can easily get through an entire day of heavy phone usage without the requirement to charge. Battery charging in the Note 5 is far quicker than the battery charging in its predecessors. Within a short time of an hour and a half, Samsung’s quick charging technology fully replenishes a dead battery.

Operating Software

The Samsung Note 5 comes pre-installed with the latest Android system 5.1.1 (Lollipop).


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with pre-installed applications like the Internet, S Planner, S voice and Email. Besides these basic and necessary applications the Note 5 also has a generic music gallery that loads multimedia files in an instant.


The gaming quality on the Note 5 is simply unsurpassable and there are absolutely no performance issues. The battery life however does get affected quite drastically while gaming.


The Note 5 overall is an excellent phone. However due to its massive size, it cannot be used with a single hand. Besides this the price of this model is extremely steep and lack of the microSD slot can be a bit of a pain. The Note 5 also comes with the excellent feature of a finger print scanner. The phones aesthetic value is brilliant. This lightweight, ultra-skinny phone is idealistic. The contrast and screen of the phone are terrific. The phones overall feel is comfortable. The gorilla glass technology on the phone ensures a scratch less screen even with rough use. The sound quality of the phone may lack a little something. On an average with heavy usage the phone battery life can even last up to 18 hours.

So if you are looking for the perfect phablet with a stylus, this is the phone for you. Don’t be fooled by competitors negative reviews, this phone has everything you could ever need. The Note 5 is almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ but with a stylus. This world-class performer is the next best gadget to buy!

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