Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Review – Nah! OnePlus 3T is better

Following the success of Galaxy series in India Samsung is back with a Smartphone which feels like a bigger s7 but only in size but other than being such is it any good Let’s find out on our full Review of the Gigantic Samsung Galaxy c9Pro.

Galaxy C9 Pro Review

Build and Design

As always let’s start with the Build and by no surprise (Expecting price) the Galaxy c9Pro is built like a tank and is one of the more exquisite and steardier device that you can expect from a Behemath like Samsung and once we are done appreciating that lets take a look at the placement of the device and on the right we have the power Lock and unlock key along with 2 Tray’s one slot is for two Sims and the other slot for dedicated micro SD expandability so that’s nice! and on the left volume rockers and both are quite steardy and are built like a tank, at the bottom We have the USB Type “C” port, Speaker Grill, 3.5MM Headphone jack and primary Microphone and on top we have the Secondary Microphone, and on the back we have the 16MP camera Dual tone Dual LED flash, and Samsung branding and at the front We have a 6” Full HD AMOLED display, 16Mp Camera, Earpiece which also doubles as a tweeter, Some Sensors
Fingerprint Scanner, flanked in between two Capacitive buttons which are backlit by the way.



The Galaxy c9Pro comes with a 6″ Full HD AMOLED display with 367PPI and as expected the punchy AMOLED colors show it’s magic here as the display is well saturated and the has Wide viewing angles and even if you are a huge Pixel peeper you will not notice any pixels on the screen (Despite it’s massive 6″ Screen Size) while we are discussing about display how can we leave the protection aspect aside and sadly the hasn’t mentioned which Generation of Gorilla Glass used but it is still Gorilla Glass do it is less likely to scratch easily however we would suggest you to get a tempered glass as soon you get the device.

Under the Hood

So while we are talking about the display why don’t we talk about what’s powering it on and So the Galaxy c9Pro comes with a newer Snapdragon 653 Octacore SoC, with 6GB of RAM and 64GB onboard storage which is expandable via the Dedicated Micro SD slot, and as expected the New Snapdragon 653 SoC is a beast and is as snappy as a flagship of 2017 and  the reason that Galaxy c9Pro has a 1080p display it results in a boon to the Smartphone as it doesn’t need to push many pixels and so it is just as smooth as the Galaxy s7edge, and the SoC coupled with 6GB RAM (First for a Samsung) and 64GB onboard storage the experience is just amazing and by the time I was using the device I felt like I was using any Samsung”S” or “Note” Series device and it doesn’t matter what I am doing with the device either it’s games or apps you name it the device can handle any of the titles that you throw at it, that too with ease and the best part the device doesn’t heat up at all.

Now, we come to the software and as mentioned earlier the Galaxy c9Pro comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Samsung’s Newer and sleeker TouchWiz UI on top and so all the regular TouchWiz features such as multi window and floating Windows for enhanced multitasking are present and accounted for not to mention there is loads of Customization available, there is This theme support and there are plethora of features that we have covered with the every new Galaxy released and so we ain’t doing it again but in a nut shell the new TouchWiz UI on the Galaxy c9Pro is faster then ever and has load’s of features and it is one of the fewer times that we can recommend to any Android user (which happens usually these days) ahah! but either way you will be satisfied with the Software experience of the Galaxy c9Pro!


Samsung Galaxy c9Pro and the c9Pro boast’s a Solid set of Cameras, the primary 16mp f1.9 camera performs well in daylight and produces great pictures and satisfactory 1080p videos (No 4k videos sorry) and is one of the better performers in low-light and again the front 16MP f1.9 shooter is great for Selfies and will definitely fill the hunger of the ongoing selfie trend and both the front and rear Cameras feel like a step up from the OnePlus 3T but only in low light however we would have loved to see 4k Recording option as the hardware is fully capable of! and it is only the software that is limiting it and we hope Samsung will address it in the Coming Android 7.0 Nougat update!

Battery life

With that we come to the USP of the device the Battery-life so the Galaxy c9Pro sports a mammoth 4000 mAh battery and as expected the combo of low res 1080p display and the powerefficient snapdragon 653 SoC results in the Device performing exceptionally good in battery life and even a heavy user can get through one and half day with ease and if you are a moderate user this device will easily last you a couple of days and similar was the case with us as it lasted a couple of days with over 7 hours of SOT and the standby times were excellent too but if you kill your Device on that second day there is quick charge support on this device which is great and is especially needed for a device with this capacity of battery!


So! what do we feel about the Galaxy c9Pro, in our opinion the Galaxy c9Pro is not just another Smartphone from Samsung which feels like a compromise but is one of the best that it can offer apart from its flagship lineup and with it’s great and huge display, great camera, great build quality, great software experience and with an exceptional battery life the Galaxy c9Pro is a smartphone to beat in 2017, all of what that we have mentioned is true only if you want a phone from top tier manufacturer but if you are just looking for the best phone under this Price segment then I guess it’s not the best phone for the price considering you can get OnePlus 3T which is better in most of the aspects than the Galaxy c9Pro and to be frank it’s even cheaper for the base 64GB variant which is just priced for 29,990 INR and the Galaxy c9Pro which is priced for 36,990 INR the pricing feels steep in my honest opinion and if I were you then I would probably go with the OnePlus 3T just for the Raw Performance improvement (SD 821) and cheaper price but if you want a solid phone and can’t trust Chinese vendors and just want a phone from Top tier manufacturer then the Galaxy c9Pro is your way to go! And so there you have it the Galaxy c9Pro In all its
Glory but do you agree with what we said, if not what is that you dont agree with, do let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below, and help us out with some sharing on your favorite Social Network!

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    • Yeah! Indeed if you want a Samsung phone in that price bracket and are looking for best in class Cameras then definitely go for it!

  1. I had a Galaxy a few years back and it was really good, but I am an IPhone lover! It syncs well with my ipad & MAC. But this phone does look great!

  2. Thanks again for your new post..As gadget lover, I like to see comparison and review in a single roof…For me, quality is my priority rather than price and its look. So lets see how they perform in a market…


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