Pubg Snow Map- Vikendi(Beta)

Pubg Snow Map- Vikendi(Beta)

Vikendi- A chilly terrain with trees. Great for taking your opponent head-on because there’s nowhere to hide.

Pubg Snow Map described-

The new “Snow Map Vikendi” is 6x6km in size and is a hilly, rocky and craggy island covered in snow.

Vikendi is a medium size because Sanhok is 4x4Km in size and Erangel is 8x8Km.

There is the main specialty in Pubg Snow Plot Vikendi is footprints, we can see if any person was there before us or not, it may help us or may not. But keep in mind that footprints and vehicle tracks are visible at snow areas so don’t stay at a single place for a long time either you will get caught!

Other vehicles are slippery in this Snow Map Vikendi because they are old vehicle and not created for this map. A new vehicle is launched to drive best in slippery snowy areas.



vSnowMobile is a 2 seater vehicle in this map. It is very fun to drive in snow covered roads but it is worst when it comes to terrain areas in this plot.

New weapons launched


Introducing the Skorpion, a brand new 9mm machine pistol comes in this map.

The stats, Skorpion

Weapon type- Pistol

Ammo type- 9mm

Damage- 22

Damage per second-312

Effective fire range- 50m

Rate of fire(ROF)- 650RPM

Muzzle velocity- 350m/s


Weapon type- Assault rifle

Ammo type- 7.62mm

Damage- 47

Damage per second- 548.3

Effective fire range- 400m

Rate of fire(ROF)- 0.086s

Muzzle velocity- 715m/s



Weapon type- Assault rifle

Ammo type- 5.56mm

Damage- 43

Damage per second- 465.8

Effective fire range- 600m

Rate of fire(ROF)- 650s

Muzzle velocity- 870m/s

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5 Pictures Of New Pubg Snow Map

pubg snow map


Here is all the exciting information about Pubg Snow MapVikendi and hopefully you are ready to rock at it!

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