PSU Tier List 2021: 5 Best Power Supply Unit – Buying Guide

The best PSU tied should always top on your bucket list. It is essential to find the best PSU tier that long last and also improve your PC processor. If you are gamer, never compromise with your PC power and speed.

If you don’t supply the best power for your PC, it might lose power efficiency. Sometimes the PC is starting to hand while you’re gaming.

So it’s always a smart choice to provide your PC with the best Power Supply Unit (PSU). This way, it offers sufficient power to PC and also gives much more working efficiency to the PC.

But choosing the right kind of PSU for Gaming is not an easy task; that’s why we tested several products and created a list of best PSU tier lists for gaming.

1) Corsair CP-9020170-UK 450W Certified Power Supply (Black)

Corsair is a leading brand in the power supply world. Corsair CP 9020170 Equipped with 80 plus efficiency that runs smoothly and uses less power. Corsair offers a thermally controlled 120 mm fan that works excellently in a wide range of loads and provides excellent efficiency and power to the PC. The 450W power supply is enough for any type of PC. The painted matte black provide high quality. Corsair CP is an excellent product to look into.


  • Consumes less power
  • Operates with 450 Watts
  • Compact in size


  • Price is high

2) Corsair CP-9020098-UK VS Series VS650 650 Watt Power Supply Unit

This second Corsair product comes with an excellent power supply unit. The AC input of this PSU is 200 VAV to 240 VAV. The +12V rail provides excellent compatibility with the modern components. It has over-voltage, undercurrent, and short circuit protection, which level up the safety of your PC. The high-quality capacitors make sure that your PC has reliable and uncompromised performance. The Corsair also provides 3 years manufacture warranty. The sophisticated design and durability give a premium look to this PSU. It offers low noise and 85% high efficiency with its 120 mm fan.


  • Operates with 650 Watts
  • Body built is decent
  • Comes with 120 mm fan


Fan speed is not so fast

3) Circle Pro Series CG 750WATT 80+White Power Supply

Circle pro series CG has ATX 2.31 version that promised more than 82 percent efficiency. Circle pro gives 750 watts in PSU. It +12V rall design, and continuous power multi GPU technology supports the great PSU for Your PC with powerful configuration. The bearing Fan of this PSU use less energy and reduces energy waste that levels up power efficiency. It has over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over current protection, overpower protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection with 100 percent high temperature that enabled more safety features.


  • Great temperature resistance
  • It comes with decent power efficiency
  • Short circuit protection


  • It is a bit overpriced

4) Antec Atom V450 450Watts Non-Modular Gaming Power Supply

Anter atom equipped with 450 W that continues power from Antec. The 120mm silent fan reduces energy waste and provides power efficiency. With its superior efficiency technology, it fasts your PC more than ever. Antec provides a 2-year manufacture warranty, so you won’t worry about if PSU doesn’t work correctly. Antec Atom PSU specially designed for gaming PC.


  • It comes with decent warranty
  • Superior efficiency technology
  • Fan is silent


  • Multi-tasking ability is not best

5) Zebronics 450 W Power Supply SMPS

Zebronics Power supply has 450 W that powers up the overall performance of gaming PC.  The 80 MM exhaust fan uses less energy and provides more than 60% percent efficiency.   It equipped with a three-pin cable and a 50 Hz exhaust fan. Zebronics is an affordable and economical design that value for money product.


  • It comes with 80 mm fan
  • Power supply with 50Hz fan
  • Comes with a three pin cable


  •  Fan will sometimes make noise


This psu from GAMEMAX comes with a honeycomb ventilation design. It gives more air space inside this psu. With 85% efficiency, you can expect this product to take up typical load. Even if you are multitasking with this product, it performs well and keeps temperature levels allowed. With a 12cm fan, this product also comes with rgb lighting to make it look attractive. With a transparent cabinet, it brings your system to a life.


  • It has more ventilation
  • Comes with RGB lights
  • Inched 12cm fan


  • Price is high

7. ARESGAME Power Supply 500W

ARESGAME has produced an amazing psu and it comes to be a great choice for game lovers. With a 500 watt power supply, it provides exceptional fan movement. While playing games, a 120 mm fan turns out to be performing well and it brings down the temperature. Coming to design, this product has 80 plus bronze certified making it durable and also long lasting. Moreover, you can get full protection from any type of short circuit.


  • 80 plus Bronze certified
  • Silent and durable
  • Includes 12 cm fan


  • It is big in size

8. GAMEMAX Power Supply 850W

This product comes along with an impressive performance although you can get 91% efficiency with the product. With a full modular cabinet and rgb control, this psu looks amazing to turn on. On top of this, you can get decent ventilation available. There are pockets of space available on every side of the product which allows you to control the temperature easily. You can also get all types of protection all around that includes OPP and OVP


  • Good after sales service
  • Comes with RGB control
  • It has a great protection


  • No docks present

9. EVGA 500W 80PLUS Certified ATX12V

EVGA 500W is another amazing product available on the list. This product comes along with highest grades of protection to allow you to perform well. With 500 watts of supply, you can expect this product to overpower the requirements. To allow this product to perform well, you can turn it into lower power mode and it still performs with high fan speed. Features like OVP and UVP make this product to be amazing for your use as well.


  • 3 year warranty
  • 80 plus white certified
  • 80 percentage efficiency


  • No rgb present


GP-650 PSU performs extremely well as compared with the specifications it has. This product comes along with a4-in motherboard connector which settles with any professional cabinet. Although there is no rgb available, this cabinet is itself decent. It comes with a ventilation fan at the top that allows you to get an amazing capacity and performance. You may face minimal issues with excessive temperatures, but for extreme gaming requirements, it can be a good choice.


  • Comes with 3-years warranty
  • Operates with 240 Voltage
  • Comes with sata connector


  • Fan is not so silent

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it important to choose a good psu?

PSU is basically the supply line for power in any pc. You can get a direct power supply to your motherboard. However, such a high supply of power will only affect your motherboard. Setting up a decent psu for your use will always help you to get an amazing result. It will control the power supply and will allow you to get an amazing protection.

2. What percentage of efficiency should be good?

Efficiency is calculated with the amount of power transition that you can get. When you turn on any psu, it receives a certain amount of power. As a result, it will transmit the power and convert it to a decent output. The levels of output and input ratio are termed as efficiency. Any psu with an efficiency rate of 80 percentages will be quite decent to use as well.

3. Is 750w enough for RTX 3080?

If you are using RTX 3080, it should come along with a rating of 350 Watts. As a result, using a 750 watt psu could be a great choice. It will allow the gpu to perform with specific power supply. The temperature of your gpu thus remains lower and it allows you to get fast performance.


Always remember that having a PSU tier with standard functions and features help you to get an amazing product. Having proper power supply and overheating protections in your motherboard is important. The best PSU tiers will get directly configured with your motherboard and will have ample ventilation to keep the temperatures low. If you are looking for an upgrade and getting a better result, you can choose from the available list above. Do let us know about which PSU tier you love to get.

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