Prisma : Photo Filters App is Finally Available in Google Play Store

Prisma yes, you might have heard of this app if you or your friend has an iPhone, or any iOS device but, No-matter what you think of this app or what your friend might have told you, we can admit that this is the most intuitive and most functional yet the simplest photo editing app that we have ever used, but you might just have the Glory to use this app unless you own an iPhone right, but it was just until yesterday as Prisma is finally on theĀ Google’s Playstore (aka) Android..!!(officially)..!

Now, for those who don’t know what Prisma is capable of..?? (which is likely if you live under the rock) you might feel that it is just another dumb photo editing app, which adds an extra layer of filters on your existing photos, then let me tell you that this is not true., and it is not one of those, as all other photo editing (filtering) apps just add an extra level of color primarily known as filters on your photo! but prisma uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and creates the picture from the very Scratch, what it actually means is that prisma uses the data (such as arts paintings and others) which is available on the internet and recreates the whole image,, and that’s awesome, So if you are a photo junky and wants a simple Yet! functional app then prisma has you covered, but!! due to the fact that prisma recreates the entire image from the scratch it takes 5-9 seconds (approximately) to generate the desired result.. Which is still worth it.. as the end results are eye pleasing and they don’t look artificial at all..! And the best part of it, is that it’s available to download for free in the Google’s Playstore and the app doesn’t even throw AD’s on you face, so thats ideal for Sharing those great photos onFacebook or Instagram, and kudos to the company for doing So..!

Overall if you are into a lot of photo filtering or photo editing apps then look no further just hit on to the links below and download it..! Enjoy!! And share your photos on all Social medias!

And finally, what do you think about the app prisma, are you going to download it..! or you are happy with the existing photo editing apps,
Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below..!

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