Its been a while Oneplus has seen a competition and thankfully Asus becomes the first company to give True competition to the Flagship killer but today we arent gonna talk a lot about the specification of the Asus Zenfone 5Z as today we are gonna talk a bit about the software part of the Asus Zenfone 5Z more specifically the Top 5 Tips and Tricks about Asus Zenfone 5Z that will blow you away!

 5 Best Tips & Tricks Of Asus Zenfone 5Z


5. Hide That Notch 

While we are talking about Flagship and the Flagship killer how can we forget the thing which is the most interesting trend in 2018 for a Good or a Bad reason depending on where you come from, Yes we are talking about that Notch, love it or hate it the Notch is here to stay but in case you want to buy this phone but you hate the notch then not to worry as you can Hide the infamous Notch by heading over to Settings > Display > Hide Notch and enable it, now you can enjoy your Notch Less phone  and thank me later.

 4. Twin Apps 

Now its 2018 and it is always great to keep your Personal and Professional life separate but that doesn’t mean you will carry two phones with you, come on not everyone of us have the privilege to carry two phones with them but now you don’t need to as the Asus Zenfone 5Z has the feature by which you can twin any App which means you can use two separate accounts of Facebook and Instagram or even WhatsApp in this phone for this all you have to do is head on over to Settings > Advanced > Twin Apps and you can Clone or Twin any App that you want.

3. Kids Mode

Well speaking about personal life, we all know our kids cant resist asking us our phone and we cannot resist giving them too but this feature will be very handy if you are that kinda parent as you can enable Kids mode and give your phone to your kids which will enable Lock or password to certain Apps which you don’t want your kids to access not even accidentally for which you have to go to Settings > Advanced > Kids mode.

 2. Battery Modes

Now No matter how much i love this Device i feel the battery capacity should have been a bit more, now don’t get me wrong the power sipping 10Nm based Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 does it great with optimizations but still for that extra boost you can toggle some features on and enjoy extra battery life out of that Battery for that all you have to is Swipe down your Notifications shade and the find Battery modes and from there you can Toggle some battery options depending on what your current need is such as you can enable Performance mode if you are gaming or want performance over battery life, if not you can enable Normal mode by which the Power and the Performance will be balanced if not you can go for the Balanced mode by which you can get more battery life by taking a little bit of hit on the performance or yo can straight away enable Power saving mode or Super Power saving mode by which you can get a ton of more battery life when you absolutely need it.

 1. Hide App or App Lock

Now it might seem a bit cliche but security is important, obviously we depend so much on our phones so this feature in the ZenUI should be on top of this list as you can simply lock or hide apps without any third party application for which all you have to do is Long Press on the Home Screen and then  click on the Preferences section and then you will find both the Hide Apps and Lock Apps section and then you can select the tab that you want to change the settings from.
So there you have it a quick look at all the best Tips and Tricks on the shiny new Asus Zenfone 5Z, which will probably blow your mind but these are just a few tricks that we came to know are there any other tips that you feel should be featured on this list do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your favorite Social Networks! 

In this article, we are going to know about 5 Best Adventure Games For Android .On the off chance that you like diversions with stories, amusements where you have to understand – once in a while precarious – errands to move more distant and more remote in their mind-boggling universes, at that point we have five hints on recreations that you ought not to miss. Here’s a rundown of the best enterprise amusements that you can download and play on your tablet or cell phone with Android OS – for nothing.

Since there are at times a few exchanges about what is an enterprise amusement – and what isn’t, suppose ideal here that in our choice there are the purported point-and-snap experience diversions. So the recreations are of the class of enterprise amusements in its most perfect shape. Each one of these recreations has a story, you can gather some helpful things there and utilize them on the correct spots to illuminate some fascinating undertakings and get more remote. (More on what are enterprise recreations and how they created in the past you can read in this article.) So we skirted every one of the diversions where it’s just about finding shrouded objects (ie. concealed items recreations) or pretty much explaining confounds (confuse amusements), and in addition diversions where you simply need to rapidly escape from a room or somewhere else. Just: We are worried about unadulterated Adventures!

How we picked the Best ?

It is difficult to unbiasedly choose the best free diversions obviously: Some of the accessible enterprise amusements offer only a short piece of their storyline for nothing, some are loaded with advertisements, which, to be completely forthright, we are not enormous aficionados of. Likewise – what claims to one player may not engage another.

So – how to choose the best versatile enterprise recreations? What number of focuses would it be a good idea for us to provide for each one of the amusements for their designs, what a number of for a plot, what number of for an adjusted many-sided quality and riddles? At last, we experienced many amusements, read what players are saying in regards to them and tried them on our gadgets. What’s more, here they are, the best ones.

For every one of them, you can discover from our content why we picked it – and we trust that you will discover here all the data you have to choose which of the recreations you will presumably like most.

What’s more, one more note: We have discovered a considerable measure of enterprise diversions that put on a show to be free, however free were simply short parts of them, more like demos than genuine recreations. We chose we didn’t need these in this rundown. Every one of the amusements specified here offers something beyond a demo.

In any case, enough of presentations, we should go to the five best portable enterprise amusements for Android. Furthermore, we are anticipating your remarks and suggestions on what amusements to test next time to incorporate another best-of rundown. At long last, let us include that the five best recreations are not organized in any extraordinary request as it is difficult to figure out which of them is extremely the main. The choice is dependent upon you.

1. The Silent Age



Honestly, in the event that we needed to pick only one single experience amusement, it would be this one – The Silent Age. A portion of the contending recreations said underneath might offer more detailed designs, yet this diversion has an extraordinary thought and it is made extremely well.

This point and snap experience amusement, The Silent Age, brings you into the universe without bounds, where humankind has ceased to exist. Be that as it may, the amusement does not depend just on one day and age: During the diversion, your legend can go in time, or, to be more correct, can go between two eras – the brilliant 70’s and what’s to come. This choice not just adds to the attractivity of the story, yet additionally permits to creatively conquer hindrances that you, or, actually, the legend, experiences.

A secretive man passing on not long after the start of the amusement cautions the legend that horrible things are coming, and beseeches him to stop them. Joe, the fundamental legend, gets a time travel machine from him. When he utilizes it later, it gets him into the future – without individuals. What has happened? Also, why? It still can’t seem to be revealed.

The main scene of the diversion is free, the second one is paid. The second scene is currently the piece of the application with the main scene, so it is accessible to buy specifically from the application.

2. AR-K



This point and snap experience diversion, named AR-K, could likewise be our reasonable top choice. It offers a terrific 3D designs, it is completely named in English and offers an intriguing plot, yet the errands you need to illuminate are not generally altogether consistent.

AR-K is an exemplary point and snaps enterprise amusement with illustrations that are totally in 3D. Furthermore, what’s going on here? A most imperative is a secretive brilliant sphere that once showed up in the Bureau of the courageous woman, Alicia, without her knowing why, and prompted significant changes throughout her life: To the launch from the police foundation and too shiny new plans in regards to her future. She chose that in the event that she can not ensure truth as a policewoman, she will secure truth as a writer.

You achieve the courageous woman in the diversion after one especially awesome gathering and your assignment won’t just manage the results, yet in addition with, as specified over, the odd sphere.

3. Mutants versus the Chosen: Hijack



Mutants versus The Chosen: Hijack is the initial segment of Mutants versus The Chosen series. It takes you to the universe without bounds, which does not search useful for some people, as they are tormented by neediness, sicknesses and obvious hereditary transformations. Be that as it may, a much more serious issue is there now: Armed assaults of the Chosen Ones.

After one such assault a little town, where Riam, the fundamental character, used to live with his dad and sister, is decimated. His dad is genuinely harmed and his sister has been abducted. Riam does not have much decision about what to do: He is the special case who can protect his sister and help his dad.

There are bunches of undertakings ahead – he needs to go through a minefield, to find different mutants and to discover his sister… This everything you can expect in this great hand-drawn and vivified experience, you should not miss. What’s more, on the off chance that you like the amusement you can download the second scene – which costs an emblematic cost of around $1.

4. The Wolf Among Us



The Wolf Among Us diversion resembles an intelligent vivified film now and again, yet don’t be tricked – it certainly has a place with the class of point and snaps experience recreations. It offers an extraordinary environment, incredible advancement, and dazzling designs.

The fundamental saint here is Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown, and his primary concern is the assurance of pixie animals that live there. In any case, be watchful – it is unquestionably not a diversion for youthful youngsters. A remarkable opposite. The amusement depends on the comic books Fables and showers foulness and viciousness. From the earliest starting point. The amusement starts in a circumstance where Bigby salvages a youthful whore from the grasp of an alcoholic person and there is an unpleasant conflict as a result of it.

What’s more, what is the Fabletown? It is a piece of the New York City, where the pixie animals live in a state of banishment. They need to escape common mortals – and they are frequently secured by enchantment.

This amusement is certainly worth seeing. What’s more, we don’t question that likewise worth playing. The Wolf Among Us: Not just amazing illustrations.

5. City Of Secrets



City of Secrets is one all the more traditionally imagined experience. You will most likely appreciate its pleasant designs, a weird story and expand baffles.

Saints of this diversion are Rex and Mr. Moles – and you will run with them to a town named Poco Pane. All things considered, to be correct, you won’t precisely go there… Furthermore, not precisely with them two. One of them has a lead. Why? Furthermore, why inhabitants of Poco Pane are not by any stretch of the imagination upbeat there? How can you assist them with making their lives more joyful? You can discover it out… Nonetheless, the principal scene, which is free, enables you to answer just a little piece of every one of these inquiries.

All things being equal, the amusement is unquestionably worth attempting…


Most of you have faced problems whenever you change your Android phone or if your phone gets hanged up. In that case some of your apps will get uninstalled. So, you have to install your apps again. It happens with your WHATSAPP too. And the main problem comes when you lose your chats done with your friends.

Let me inform you that this is right zone for you to get solution of this problem. You will be happy to know that you can get your chats back even if you change your phone or install your WHATSAPP again. I will give you right information about WHATSAPP back up from Google Drive.

 Your WHATSAPP data can be backed up by using your Google Drive or a local back up. Some of you may think that without creating a local back up how can we back up the chats? Let me clear your doubt. You will be surprised to know that your local backups will be automatically created at 2:00 AM every day. These will be saved in your mobile in the form of files. So you can easily transfer your chats from one phone to another.

To know about how to download WHATSAPP back up from Google Drive read the following given points which I prepared for you to get your problem solved:

So let us know how to back up your chats to Google Drive:

  1. The first step is to open your WHATSAPP.

  2. Tap your MENU

  3. Go to settings and tap on chats.

  4. Then you will find chat backup option just tap on it. You will have two options after this step.

  • First one is you can create an immediate backup.

  • Or else you can back up Google Drive.

  1. Whenever they prompt to add Google account then tap it if you don’t have a Google account which is already set up.
  2. For back up Choose the network you want. And if you are backing up over a cellular data network then this might result in additional charges on data so check your data before creating a backup using cellular data network.

This was about how to back up to Google drive but at the same time I will give you some information about Google Drive that you must know. To know it you have to read the following given information:

Whenever you do this back up for the first time then it may take some time. So make sure that you will be connected to power source.

You can also change your back up frequency. You can change your Google account and the connection you are using for the backup can be done by repeating the same six steps which are mentioned above.

You are not protected by WHATSAPP end-to-end encryption about the media and messages which you have backed up in Google Drive. And every time you create a Google drive by using the same Google account then it will be overwritten by the previous Google Drive.


Backing up using Google drive is the easiest way. When your number gets verified, WHATSAPP will ask you to restore your media and chats from backup. Then tap to restore when prompted, your media and chats will be transferred to your current phone.

And if your WHATSAPP is unable to detect a backup then the following could be the reason for this:

  • If you are not using the same phone number for WHATSAPP.

  • If you have logged into another Google account rather than same Google account.

  • If the backup file does not exist in your Google Drive account or locally on phone.

  • Or else if your chat history or SD card is corrupted.

If you want to use a local backup then you have to transfer the files to your phone using the following:

  • Computer,
  • File explorer
  • Or SD card.

If you cannot find your data stored on the /sdcard/WHATSAPP/ folder, you may see it in “internal storage” or “main storage folders”.


The data in local backup files will store up to last seven days. Whereas the Google Drive will store the most recent data.

So to restore a local backup file you need to do the following:

  1. You need to download a file manager app.

  2. Navigate to sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases in your file manager. You can find “internal storage” or “main storage” instead of SD card.

  • Backup file which you want to restore from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 to msgstore.db.crypt12, rename the backup file. The earlier backup may be on an earlier protocol, such as crypt9 or crypt10. It is possible to happen. So do not change the number extension of the crypt.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall your WHATSAPP.

  2. Click on restore whenever it prompts.


You may face problems while creating backup using Google drive. To make your work easy I will give you a list of answers for all kinds of problems you face:

  • First of all verify your Google account.

  • Then check whether you have enough memory to create a backup in your Google Drive account.

  • Ensure if you have Google Play services installed in your phone or not.

  • For the people who are attempting to create backup using cellular data network should make sure that you have data for both Google play services and WHATSAPP.

  • Try to change your network to create a backup.

And finally I would like to inform you that make sure about your phone charge. Your phone must be fully charged or plugged into a power source. Also make sure about your internet connection. Your internet connection should be stable and strong. And if you are unable to work on cellular data then go for Wi-Fi connection.

 Best Laptop under Rs.35,000

Are you waiting to buy a new laptop which will fit in your budget? If yes then let me inform you that your days of waiting will end up now with all the information that I am going to give you. You will be happy to know about 15 best laptops that I have listed for you. And most interesting fact is that the laptops that I have listed for you are of lower price that is under Rs 35000. Laptops are the most useful device. We can do lots of our work in laptops like power point presentation, pay slips, and education related works and so on. And the best part of the laptops is you can easily carry them where ever you want.

 If you want a better laptop which can be useful to you as well as will be within your budget that is under Rs 35,000 then check all the laptop details which I have prepared for you. Below you can get the information about the 15 best laptops under Rs 35,000:

1. Acer Aspire Core i3 6th Generation



Here is a laptop with Linux operating system. This laptop is within your budget as its price is Rs 33,985. Get ready to buy this laptop if your favourite colour is black. Its colour is black with 15.5 inch.

 It can be easily portable as its weight is 2.23 kg. The battery backup of this laptop is up to 8 hours. So if you are doing a business go for this option it will help you a lot.

Now let us know about the memory. You will get 4 GB of RAM with an expandable memory up to 32 GB and a cache of 3MB. Its RAM type is DDR4 and processor is Core i3 and this laptop is of 6th generation.

To get the information quickly read the below given information:

PROCESSORIntel Core i3 Processor
DISPLAY15.6 inch
WEIGHT2.23 kg
PRICERs 33,985


2. Acer E5-553G LAPTOP


With processor AMD A10-g600P Acer is giving you a laptop which is of very lower price. You can get this laptop with a price of Rs 33,999. You can save Rs 1000 and keep in your pocket.

This laptop’s operating system is Windows 10, which is one of the best operating system. When compared to windows 7 it is more useful and best operating system. The most important part of the laptop is about its memory. You will get up to 4GB of RAM. Where you can easily store movies, songs, photos, download different applications, games and so on.

1TB 5400 RPM SATA HDD is its hard disk. This laptop have M440 2GB graphics. You not read all the information given by me. So to make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:


DISPLAY15.6” 1366 * 768 Pixels
PRICERs 33,999


Graphics card
Windows 10


3. Dell Inspiron 3567


 One of my favourite companies is Dell. I use Dell laptop. With my personal experience I can say that you can conveniently use this laptop, so no need to worry about this laptop. So I will explain you about this laptop.

You will get this laptop with a price of Rs 34,999. The operating system of this laptop is Linux. You will get a processor of Intel core i5-7200U with 7th generation.

RAM is about 4GB DDR4. This laptop is easily portable. Its weight is 2.2kg. When it comes about its display, its display is about 15.6” and 1366*768 Pixels. Hard disk of this laptop is 1TB 5400 RPM SATA HDD. Graphics is HD620.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:

PROCESSORIntel Core i5-7200U(7th generation )
DISPLAY15.6” 1366*768 PIXELS
PRICERs 34,999


4. HP 15-bs615TU


Here there is a laptop of HP Company. This laptop is of 6th generation and with a processor of 2GHz Core i3 6006U. This laptop is giving you a warranty of one year. You can enjoy movies, songs and latest games in this laptop. It also has USB ports.

It is giving you a RAM of 4GB DDR4. It is of weight 2.1 kg. You can easily carry your laptop anywhere. The display is of 15.6 inch. Their display gives you more clarity. You can do your work in your laptop without any in- convenience.

And more over this laptop will save your money up to four thousand rupees. Its price is Rs 30,999.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:

HARD DISK2TB -5400 RPM Hard Disk
DISPLAY15.6”  1920*1080 Pixels display
PRICERs 30,999


5. Lenovo IdeaPad 320



I will show you another laptop of Lenovo under Rs 35,000. With a price of Rs 31,999 Lenovo is giving you a laptop with 4 GB DDR4 RAM. Its processor brand is Intel. Processor name is Core i3 and its generation is 6th generation.

It has an operating system of Windows 10. As I said you before this operating system is one of the best operating system. And the important part is its warranty. It is giving you a warranty of 1 year. Its hard disk is 1TB – 5400 RMP. Its display is of 15.6 inch 1920*1080 pixels.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:


PROCESSORIntel Core i3 6006U(6th generation)
HARD DISK1TB-5400 RPM Hard Disk
DISPLAY15.5 inch 1920*1080 pixels display
PRICERs 35,000

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6. Asus X541UA-DM1232T


Now I will say you about a laptop of Asus Company. With seventh generation this laptop’s processor name is core i3 7100U. As every laptop, it is also having 4GB DDR4 RAM.

It costs only Rs 31,999. You can have fun with your remaining money from your budget. This has an operating system of Windows 10. Its hard disk is 1TB-5400 RPM Hard Disk. The warranty of this laptop is up to one year.

When it comes to display its display is about 15.6 inch and 1920*1080 pixels. And the graphic card is Intel HD 620. Its weight is only two kg. So, no need to worry about its weight. You can easily carry this with you where ever you want.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:

PROCESSORCore i3 7100U(7th generation)
HARD DISK1TB-5400 RPM Hard Disk
DISPLAY15.6 inch 1920* 1080 pixels
WEIGHT2.0 kg
PRICERs 31,999
7TH  Gen CPU
Windows 10


7. Acer E5 – 575G


This is another laptop of Acer. You can buy this laptop at a price of RS 34,999. This laptop graphics is HD620. You will get a better quality of screen.

If you are searching for a laptop with processor brand Intel, processor name core i5 and also for 7th generation then no need to look up here and there. This one is the best deal for you. It also gives you a RAM of 4GB DDR 4. Its graphics is HD620. This has Linux operating system.

Hard disk is 1TB 5400 RPM SATA HDD. It can also be easily carried as its weight is 2.2 kg.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:


PROCESSORIntel Core i5-7200U(7th generation)
DISPLAY15.6” 1366*768 Pixels
WEIGHT2.2 kg
PRICERs 34,999

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8. HP 15-BS544TU/BS658TX



Let us know about another laptop of HP Company. This laptop is of 6th generation. With 2GHz core i3 6006U processor. And if you are searching for a laptop with 8GB RAM then here it is. You can store lot of data in this.

Its price is Rs 30,999. Its hard disk is 1TB-5400 RPM Hard disk. The display is about 15.6 inches and with 1366*768 Pixels. To say you about the warranty, it will give you a warranty of one year.

DOS is its operating system. This is also a better option for you. The weight of this laptop is 2.2kg. The Intel HD 520 is available at a price of Rs 30,999 where as AMD M520, 2GB is available at a price of Rs 35,499.

Given below is for quick reference:


PROCESSOR 2GHz Core i3 6006U (6th generation)
HARD DISK1TB-5400 RPM Hard Disk
DISPLAY15.6 inch 1366*768 Pixel display
PRICERs 30,999


Graphics card


9. Asus X541UA- DM1358D


This laptop of Asus is giving you two options according to the operating system you want. If you want DOS operating system then you can buy it at a price of Rs 34,999 this is the first option. And the second option is windows 10 operating system. The laptop with Windows operating system will be of Rs 34,799.

 Both options are good but I prefer you the second option as it have Windows 10 operating system. Its processor is core i3 7100U. And its generation is 7th generation. It gives you about 4GB of RAM.

Display is of 15.6 inch and 1920*1080 pixels. It is very light weight. Its weight is 2.0 kg and this laptop gives you a warranty of one year.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:

PROCESSORCore i3 7100(7th generation)
DISPLAY15.6 INCH 1920*1080 Pixels
PRICERs 34,399(DOS)/ Rs 34,799(Windows 10)


FHD display
7th gen CPU


10. Dell Vostro 3558



Well, this is another laptop under Rs 35,000 of Dell. It costs up to Rs 32,999. The processor of this laptop is 2.1GHz Core i3 5005U. As I said before, I like laptops of Dell brand. So if anyone out there is having the same as mine then you can go for this laptop.

The RAM of this laptop is 4GB DDR3. And the operating system of this laptop is DOS, which is a better option for you to buy this laptop. The display is 15.6 inch 1366*768 pixels. And graphics card is GT 920M, 2GB.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:


PROCESSOR2.1 GHz Core i3 5005U(5th gen)
HARD DISK1TB-5400 RPM Hard Disk
DISPLAY15.6 inch 1366* 768 pixels
PRICERS 32,999


11. Lenovo Yoga 310


The people who want a laptop with small display for them it is a best option. This laptops display is about 11.6 inches. Intel HD is its graphics.

The processor of this laptop is 1.1 GHz Intel Pentium N4200. The operating system of this laptop is Windows and it is also light weight. Its weight is 2kg only.

The hard disk interface is eSATA. The package dimension is 45*25.7*6.9 cm. Get ready to show your black colour laptop to your friends  black colour usually attracts the people. So if you want to attract the people then got for this laptop.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:

PROCESSOR1.1 GHz Intel Pentium N4200 processor
HARD DISK1TB Hard disk
DISPLAY11.6-inch screen, Intel HD Graphics
PRICERs 30,490


12. HP Pavilion *360 11-AD023TU



Here is another option for the people who want a laptop under Rs 35000 with 11.6 inch. The cost of this laptop is Rs 30,785. You will be surprised by knowing about the weight of this laptop. This weight will be perfect for the lazy people who don’t like to carry heavy devices. The weight of the laptop is 1.39 kg.

Graphics of this laptop is Intel HD Graphics 505. The operating system of this laptop is windows 10 with a warranty of one year. RAM is about 4GB, cache is 2MB. This laptop has 2-cell Prismatic Battery which supports fast charging.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:


PROCESSORIntel Pentium N4200
GRAPHICSIntel HD Graphics 505
BATTERY2-cell Prismatic battery
PRICERs 30,785


13. HP 15q-BU006TU 2018 15.6-INCH LAPTOP:


This laptop is one of the latest laptops. Its colour is black. And you will be happy to see the price as you can save your RS 5000 for any other purpose.

The processor of this laptop is 2GHz Intel Core i3-6006U. You will get 8GB of RAM in lower price. This can also be the best deal for you. The screen is up to 15-inch. You will be amazed with the HD camera with WDR feature.

This laptop will charge your laptop very fast. The warranty of this laptop is one year. And operating system of this laptop is DOS.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:


PROCESSOR2GHz Intel Core i3-6006U
DISPLAY15.6 inch
DIMENSIONS38*25.4*2.4 cm
PRICERS 29,990


14. Dell New Inspiron 15 3558


This is a laptop of inch 15.6 with a RAM OF 4GB. The brand of this laptop is Dell. The processor is 2.1 GHz Intel 5th Gen Core i3 processor.

The hard disk is 1 TB hard drive. And the graphics is GeForce 920m 2GB DDR3 Graphics. The operating system is Ubuntu Linux operating system. The colour of the laptop is black. The dimension of the laptop is 26*38*2.2 cm. Processor brand is Intel. And it will give you a warranty of one year.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:

PROCESSOR2.1 GHz Intel 5th Gen Core i3 processor
HARD DISK1 TB hard drive
DISPLAY15.6 inch
OPERATING SYSTEMUbuntu Linux operating system
PRICERS 33,699




 The display is about 15.6 inch and this is black in colour. The RAM is 6GB DDR4. The operating system is windows 10. The hard disk is 1TB HDD. And it is giving a warranty of one year.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:

PRICERS 28,990


16*. LENOVO G50 80 80E502Q81H


 The processor of this is Intel Core i3-5005u processor. And the ram is of 4GB. The screen is of 15.6 inches and 1366*768 pixels which will tempt you watch movies, play games, video chat etc.

And the graphics is Intel HD Graphics 5500. The operating system is DOS. It can give you power back up, up to 4 hours.

To make your work easier I will give you the list of this laptops feature.

Given below is for quick reference:

PROCESSORIntel Core i3-5005u processor
DISPLAY15.6 inches and 1366*768 pixels
PRICERS 24,499

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Are you searching for home theater system to enjoy latest movies, party songs in your summer holidays? Then get ready to show your movies to your friends and watch latest movies on your home theater system. Let me tell you that, no need to worry more about home theater systems because this is right place to know about best home theater system in India.

 To make your work even more easily there is a list of top 15 home theater systems in India where you can easily choose best home theater system for your house.

Best 15 home theater systems in India


1. LG BH9530TW 3D Blu-Ray 9.1




Here is a home theater system which will make your status high by its fabulous model and design. Its speakers are tall boy speakers which gives a rich look as well as good sound quality. You can enjoy your movie or music or any live shows in every corner of your room with its clear sound quality system.

This home theater system will give you best sound quality and a warranty of one year. If you are concerned more about quality rather than budget, then this is a best option for you. Its price is Rs 64,620.

 It has four speakers with a channel of 9.1. You can connect your home theater system with the help of HDMI, USB, AUX. You will be provided with a remote for easy controlling of your home theater system.

 For fast reference check out the below given information:

TypeHome Theater
ConnectorsHDMI, USB, AUX


Total Power Output(RMS)1460 W


Additional featuresTallboy Speakers, Remote, FM Radio
Included componentsUnit, user manual, warranty card, remote control
Warranty1       year


2. Sony HT-M55 


If you are thinking to get a home theater up to a budget of Rs 50,000 then this would be a better option for you as it is one of the best home theater system in India. It has black color with short speakers. And its dimensions are 460*148*226 mm. Its weight is up to 3.5 kg. This can be easily portable.

 This home theater of Sony brand will provide you 3D picture and 3D surround sound. This will provide you warranty of one year.

These generation children are getting addicted more to movies etc. So to give your child a security from the channels that can give your child unnecessary information. For this you will be provided child lock system. By using this you can give a password to the channels without knowing it about to your child. So that your child cannot open the channels which is not related to them.

For fast reference check out the below information:


TypeHome Theater
Remote controlyes
ConnectorsUSB, HDMI, AUX


USB Connectivity2
Number of Discs1


Total Power Output1580 W


Built-in radio tunerYes
Tuner presetsYes


3. Sony SHAKE – 6D Component 


Sony gives you one more home theater system option. As the name resembles this home theater system will shake your whole room with loud sound. It will make your party more enjoyable with its loud sound. And you can watch your movies with best quality.

It is of price Rs 56,617. Though it is little costly but it will give you best sound. Its look are awesome as its speakers have a design with blue color spheres upon the black color which is a great combination of colour. Approx of 8Kg is its weight.

Here is some information about the home theater system:


TYPEHi Fi System


DVD features
USB ConnectivityYes


Total Power Output2400 W
Front Speakers600W *4


ADDITIONAL FEATURESFM Radio, Remote, Dolby Digital


4. PIONEER VSX-323K and SPE335XT 5.1 Component 


This home theater system of brand pioneer has a channel of 5.1. if you want a home theater system is bit large . You can use this home theater system for DJ kind of parties. By listening the music you cannot control yourself to shake your body. This is a best option for party.

It has AUX connectors but does not have USB and HDMI connectors. This can be little heavy for you as its weight is 7.2kg. Black colour gives you a fantastic look. The RMS of this home theater system is 100 W per channel. It also have remote controller. Its dimension is 435*168*331.5 mm.

Below given are some information which will give you quick reference:

TYPEHome Theater





5. SAMSUNG HT-ES455K                 

Here you are with another home theater system with the same budget of 50,000. If you are worrying about the warranty then let me tell you   that it will give you a warranty of a year. Its price is Rs 48,990.

It is black in color which gives you an attractive look to your room. This system has better sound quality. By choosing this you can make your family member happier.

It will also provide you a built-in Radio Tuner. It is a light weight home theater system with a weight of 2.3 kg and its dimensions are 430 * 58 * 250 mm. You will be also provided with a warranty card. For fast reference check out the below given information:


TypeHome Theater
ConnectorsUSB, HDMI, AUX


USB Connectivity1
Number of Discs1


Total Power Output(RMS)1000 W
Front Speakers334 W


Built-in Radio TunerYes


Weight2.3 Kg
dimension430 * 58 * 250 mm


Additional FeaturesUSB
Included ComponentsUnit, User Manual, Warranty Card
Warranty1 year manufacturer warranty


6. Philips HTB5570D/94 5.1 Blu Ray




This is a home theater system with a brand of Philips and with a channel of 5.1. This can be your best deal if your budget is up to Rs 30,000. As its price is Rs 29,586.

When it comes to sound you will be provided DTS Digital Surround, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio which will give you a high quality of sound. You can connect your home theater system with HDMI, USB and AUX. 435*56*287 mm are its dimensions.

This home theatre system will give you a warranty of one year. To know more about the features and for quick reference check out the below information:

TypeHome Theater
ConnectorsHDMI, USB, AUX


USB ConnectivityVia USB
Sound outputDolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS Digital Surround, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS- HD Master Audio


Total Power Output(RMS)1000 W


Frequency response150-20 k Hz
Impedance4 ohm


Additional featuresTallboy speakers, remote, FM Radio,3D
Included components1 Unit,2*AAA Batteries, FM antenna, HDMI cable, power cord, quick start guide, remote control, safety legal leaflet, Trademarks Sheet, VDE to 2-pin Flat Adaptor, World Wide Warranty leaflet
warranty1 year


7. Sony DAV-DZ640K 


Another model of Sony company is Sony DAV-DZ640K. It costs around Rs 39,990. This of type home theater with 1000 w of Total Power Output.

It also has built in Radio Tuner with USB connectivity. You can also do progressive scan. It has a weight of 3.5 kg with a dimension of 430*55*350 mm.

Below you can get information about this home theater system in brief:

TYPEHome Theater


USB Connectivityyes
Progressive scanyes




DIMENSION430*55*350 mm


8. Philips HTB5151K 5.1 




This is one more home theater system one Philips brand with a slight difference of amount when compared with the above one. Rs 30,967 is its cost. This is a better option. By choosing this home theater system you will be in benefit though you have to spend little more money for your home theater system.

Model name is 5151K with a black color. Black color is the best color you can choose for your house, Wi-Fi connectors will be provided.

For quick reference check out the below given information:

typeBlu Ray Player
Model name5151k


Total Power Output(RMS)530 W
Frequency Response80-18K Hz


Included components1*Philips HTB 5151K Bluetooth Blu Ray Sound bar
warranty1 year manufacturer warranty


9. Yamaha YHT-1810 5.1 Component 


Yamaha brand provides you home theater system with a range of Rs 30,000 and with a connector of HDMI. It has a different sound system with Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, and DTS Digital Surround.

If you are agree with little heavy weight then you can choose this option without any hesitation. The weight of AV Receiver is 7.4 Kg, front speaker weight is 0.48 Kg/unit, center speaker will be of 0.68 kg, surround speaker is of 0.48 kg and Subwoofer will be of 5.2 kg.

Though it is heavy home theater system it will give you best sound quality system. You will not have any kind of problems with these heavy speakers. There is a warranty of one year with a price of Rs 28,990.


For quick reference check out the below given information:

TYPEHome Theater


SOUND OUTPUTDolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, DTS Digital surround



Total Power Output(RMS)250 W
Frequency response30 Hz-25 KHz
Front speakers115*176*88
impedance6 ohm


10. Sony DAV-TZ210/CE12 5.1 




You may be searching for home theater system under the price of Rs 20,000. Here is a home theater system with a price of Rs 14,000. This home theater system will give you high quality of sound in lower price. This will give you USB, HDMI and AUX connectors but no Wi-Fi connectors will be provided.

You will get USB connectivity and RMS of about 600 W. Built in radio tuner and tuner presets is also provided. It is easily portable with a weight of 3.6kg.

TYPEHome Theater
TYPE SIZEFront:90/100 -10 53J(tube tyre), rear:90/100 – 10 53J( tube tyre)


USB Connectivityyes




WEIGHT  3.6 Kg
DIMENSION430*67*335 mm

11. LG BH6440P 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray 


This is another home theater system for the people whose budget is up to Rs 20,000. In fact you will be happy to keep your remaining Rs 5,000 in your pocket as its price is Rs 14,994. Even is lower price it will provide you good sound quality and fashionable look to your house.

Its two speakers are large in size in a rectangle shape and two small box shape speakers. These two combinations and black color will give a fashionable and rich look.

It will give you a warranty of one year. For quick reference check the below given information:

TYPEHome Theater


SOUND OUTPUTDolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-HD Master Audio


RMS1000 W




 12. Philips HTS3533/94 



Now let me show you some home theatre system which a middle class family can easily afford. If your budget is up to Rs 15,000 then you will be happy to know about this home theatre system. Its price Rs10,568. It is a Philips brand home theatre system with a channel 5.1. You will be provided USB, HDMI, AUX connectors.

There is a built-in Radio Tuner. It can be easily portable with its 2.4 kg of weight. And its dimensions are 360*58*325mm. Additional features of this home theatre system are it has a FM Radio and a remote.

For quick reference:


TYPEHome Theater


SOUND OUTPUTDolby Digital 5.1


RMS600 W






13. LG DH313OS 5.1 Channel 


If your budget is between Rs 8000 – Rs 9000 then this is perfect choice for you. This home theater will make you feel livelier with its best sound quality.

Basically it has two speakers which will provide you good sound to enjoy your music without any disturbance. The model name is DH313OS. And if your favourite color is black then it is the best option for you. Its price is Rs 8,500 which will easily come under your budget.

Below there are some features of LG DH313OS 5.1 channel home theatre system.


Brand                                                   LG
Model NameDH313OS
Number of Speakers2


USB Connectivity1


Total Power Output (RMS)300 W
Frequency Response20000 Hz
Input Voltage110-240v,50/60Hz
Signal to noise ratio80 dB


Weight                                                   3.03 kg


14.Sony MHC-GZR5D Hi Fi System



This can be great option for low budget people as it will provide will better sound even in lower price .its channel is 2.0 with a Hi Fi system .

Total power output of this system is 240 W. Its front speakers are of 120w*2. It is quite heavy home theater system as its weight is 7.9kg.

To get information easily check this below given information:

TYPEHi Fi system








15. Yamaha Home Theater Package Yht-196 (Black)


This Premium Home Theater is priced under Rs.25, 000 which is worth buying that comes with Matt Black variant also has a good design and build quality. Its stylish look makes it more attractive to you which come with surround sound 5.1 channel system. Additionally, it also has two big giant speakers with stand. Its stunning look gives you eye catchy view. This Home Theater is a fabulous music system loaded with whole lot of features that cannot be compromised.


General Features:

Package Dimensions:55 x 53 x 40 cm
Wattage:600 Watts
Channel:5.1 channel system
Additional Features:3D and HDMI Support


So, these are 15 best home theater system in india and also some are best home theater system under 10000 and mostly all are best 5.1 home theater system in india. If you like this post then tell in comments or you have any questions feel free to comment down below. Subscribe Geek Tech Info to get latest updates first , like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Free VPS Hosting, There are several web facilitating organizations which offer Top Free VPS Hosting. They claim to offer you a Free VPS  for a lifetime that is essentially incomprehensible on the grounds that to run and deal with any facilitating administration includes high cost and nobody on earth can give you that for nothing. In spite of the fact that there are few trusted hosts which offer Free VPS Hosting for nothing for a restricted time frame and after that, they charge you an ostensible add up to cover their costs. Some other suppliers charge you a little sum that is near free from the day 1 to give you quality administrations and conceal their running expense. The following are a portion of the best organizations that you may consider for your server require.

Here Is The List Of Top 10 Free VPS Hosting Provider:-Free VPS

1). AppOnFly

Apponfly is a Pro Windows Apps Provider in 30 seconds Get moment access to your most loved Windows applications from Mac, Android, iOS or Windows. Which can be utilized As a Free Windows VPS. Getting Free VPS these days is exceptionally troublesome without Credit card or Free VCC. We will Discuss with awesome Free VPS supplier from Apponfly.

They initially had the plan to convey applications from the cloud route in 2005 (light a long time in tech years!) and have been idealizing their stage for doing this from that point forward. The AppOnFly stage is Free VPS Hosting provider presently fit for conveying a consistently expanding decision of expert Windows applications from the cloud, inside only a couple of moments. You can perceive what all the complaining is about (and agree to accept a free trial) here.

2). Saucelabs 

Sauce Labs enables clients to run tests in the cloud on in excess of 700 distinctive program stage, working framework and gadget mixes, giving an extensive test foundation to computerized and manual testing of work area and portable applications utilizing Selenium, Appium, and JavaScript unit testing structures. It is also Free VPS Hosting provider with There is no VM setup or support required, live breakpoints are available while the tests are running which empowers you to examine an issue physically. Sauce Labs additionally gives a safe testing convention, Sauce Connect, for testing applications behind client firewalls.

3). Instafree

At InstaFree, we offer a definitive affiliate and imported web hosting to the most recent cPanel control board. We give this facilitating off our own particular untouchable servers to guarantee the nature of your facilitating is first class. Our servers utilize 1,000Mbit (1Gbit) ports to the Internet to permit you full speed without logjams, and the best administration you could get. Over this, our administration is totally free. The truth is out, free cPanel affiliate and web facilitating. We likewise give super-shoddy premium shared, affiliate, Free VPS, and devoted plans gave by our parent organization, WSWD Inc.

4). UpCloud

UpCloud is a cloud facilitating organization offering an hourly charged foundation as-a-benefit. Presently, the organization gives administrations from server farms situated in the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and Finland. UpCloud’s putting forth was acquainted with the Finnish market in May 2012. The principal variant of the administration was produced exclusively by the staff of Sigmatic Ltd. UpCloud was spun off as its own substance to keep running and building up the administration. UpCloud is also a Free VPS Hosting provider opened worldwide tasks in mid-2013 and has been concentrating on developing universally from that point forward.

5). Virtualmaster

Virtual Servers are scaled by the physical memory held to them, enabling you to progressively control the asset combination. Try not to need to share? Utilize Dedicated Virtual Servers. Convey your application to VirtualMaster and keep the control over the servers the way you like it. Utilizing web interface, summon line or API. We won’t get in your direction.

6). Accuwebhosting

AccuWebHosting, an amazing all-around choice, offers powerful highlights and adaptability Free VPS Hosting that no matter how you look at it. Joining reasonableness and powerful framework, the organization conveys SSDs and cloud even to shared servers. Especially speaking to Windows facilitating devotees, AccuWebHosting ought to reverberate with an assortment of clients.

7). Cloudsigma

CloudSigma offers an exceptionally basic and straightforward way to deal with values. We charge in light of your asset utilization in total for your record abandoning you allowed to construct your framework how you like with absolutely unbundled assets and server measuring. Our charging takes a gander at add up to CPU, RAM, stockpiling and information movement utilization at regular intervals. You can buy on request by means of membership or a mix of the two. It’s that straightforward.

8). Open Hosting

Our basic stage gives you a chance to take control of your server. With versatile server measuring, you can without much of a stretch collect your server to fit your needs. Pick precisely the amount CPU, memory, and circle space you require, without paying additional for what you won’t not utilize. Our VMs have an ultra-present day virtualization back-end, based on the most progressive Linux KVM virtualization, with high I/O SSD stockpiling alternatives accessible.

9). Skytap 

Skytap Cloud gives an incremental way to deal with application modernization called IPA: Infrastructure, Process, Architecture. Utilizing IPA, endeavor groups can advance through the accompanying use cases: Once in Skytap Cloud, you can modernize your conventional applications by enlarging them with cloud-local administrations and structures. These half-breed applications protect your current venture, empowering you to drive more business esteem without changing center usefulness starting with no outside help.

10). NeuPrime

Neu prime GmbH facilitating gear is situated at Frankfurt (Germany) city. This is the core of Internet in Europe, considering ideal availability for clients everywhere throughout the world. Facilitating hardware is made by Intel and Cisco, including most recent H2200WP sharp edge stage for maximal productivity, excess stockpiling clusters, SSD stores and each innovation expected to run your Web venture fine, steady and green

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Computer games nowadays are loaded with action, and there are different categories or genres of games. Controllers for the X-Box or Playstation offers great control and accessibility, but for the PC Gamers it might not be the scene. PC gamers can have a hard time if they aren’t equipped with the right accessories . That is why  we are going to talk about gaming mouse’s under 1000 rs, So if you are a PC gamer you definitely know the importance of mouse and without mouse you won’t be able to control your game . The stock mouse won’t give you good performance and satisfaction and the reason is DPI( Dots per inch ) and lack of polling rate . Stock mouse has measurement and some position report problem .

But now you can get better measurement and good position reporting gaming mouse at a stable price . If you are looking for best gaming mouse under 1000 RS ,  this article is for you. Here are 5 best gaming mouse under 1000 rs and are also easily available.

Best 5 Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Rs  :-


Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor 


Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor is one of the best mouse in-budget. It has a very attractive design, it performs with 3200 DPI and the  nine programmable buttons. I’ve been using this mouse for a week to play games and for my personal work too and it works as great as any other mouse. It has very satisfying gaming sensor, macro functions, metal structure and the best thing is it’s rubber material for better grip . If you want to buy best gaming mouse in this budget this will be the coolest and stylish one .

Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Pulsar 



Another gaming mouse in this budget is Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Pulsar. It has very satisfying and stylish look and this mouse contains upto 3000 DPi with 6 buttons . Its 7 led lights will give you more dashing look in darkness and you will feel like pro gamer . This mouse has a great design and you are going to get best surface without any problem .

VIIVA USB Wired Gaming Mouse 


VIIVA USB Wired Gaming Mouse is also a good gaming mouse in this price . It comes in 4 different styles and is very comfortable to use . This gaming mouse contains 7 buttons . It comes in 4 different DPI settings: 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000 dpi( especially for black).

Taslar 5500 DPI 

Taslar® 5500 DPI is also a very beautiful gaming mouse under 1000 Rs. This gaming mouse comes with very high rate of measurement with 5500 DPI . It has 7 led breathtaking led light style .It also offers nice grip .

Cosmic Byte CB-M-06 Neutron 

Cosmic Byte CB-M-06 Neutron, this is also one of the best under priced mouse . This gaming mouse look alike VIIVA usb wired . This gaming mouse comes with 3200 DPI in black color with highly comfortable grip .Overall, it is an awesome gaming mouse for game lovers .

End of all this was the Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Rs in indian market . Hope you guys will like these gaming mouse . Do not forget to share your experience with us.

Now all of us want good looking smartphones , there are lots of themes and launchers which we used to make our phone interface looks awesome and feels great. Lots of best android themes are available in Google PlayStore we can easily download our favourite themes. Today’s article i will tell you the 5 best android themes and in our list themes are for all kinds of persons.

List Of 5 Best Android Themes


Beautiful Theme



The first theme is in our list is beautiful theme,  like it’s name it will beautify your screen in contemporary style with it’s beautiful theme. This theme has bundle of awesome HD wallpapers and totally custom icon for your android phone. I’m Personally using this theme and my opinion is it is one of the best android theme. All I can say that is who loves nature a lot this theme is for them. Beautiful theme has so many special natural themes inside this one theme and it will get your smartphone looks like nature. This Beautiful theme can be run in both android phone and tablet. The natural view of this theme will never get you bored easily .

 User Reviews:

  • Good and most wanted wallpapers.
  • Easy and fun to use once you get the hand of it.
  • Shuts Internet down and makes the entire phone crash.
  • The app is very slow.

Download Link

Water Drop Theme 



Now a days most of the phones we use are water proof, So teens now always like to  take selfies to make their moment memorable and share on social sites. This theme changes the phone’s interface completely with fully redesigned app icon and other visual elements that are especially designed for this blue water drop theme. To download this launcher go to Google Play Store and search this launcher or you can download from link below.

 User Reviews:

  • Wooooo what a wow I love this theme my phone looks good.
  • Classy themes. My phone is now looking dope.
  • Simply waste of time, ask some other apps to use this.
  • I love it but it has some problems

Download Link 

Cute Pink Bunny Theme 



This theme is for girls i don’t think there is any girl who doesn’t like pink color . Girls who want to make their phone more stylish, user friendly and keep pink color in their mind, can use this theme. In this launcher different kind of  pinkish icons of social media and other apps are available. This launcher is liked by most of people but like every other theme it has pros and cons. To download go to Google Play-Store and search for the theme or download by clicking on download button below.

User Reviews:

  • Amazingly beautiful and cute I love it.
  • I like it, just wish it had matching keyboard.
  • Its cute and its perfect.

Download Link

Blazing Neon Car Theme 


This theme is about cars, you can set tons of supercars’ wallpapers on your homescreen. Blazing Neon Car Launcher,  as name says, its about cars.  Almost all boys love cars, so this launcher is for them especially for the fans of Ferrari, Lamborghini. As shown in screenshots, the icons are also in car shapes just like the car lovers want for launcher in android phone.This theme is getting good response from users as it’s recently launched and is getting good number of downloads. To download go to Google PlayStore and search for theme or download by download button below.

User Reviews:

  • This theme is amazing! I’m so grateful for the people who make these. Thank You!
  • This is an amazing app not only does it look cool, but now my friends don’t make fun of me for having no background.
  • I think is a good app for calling people because you’re able to automatically bring up the calling.

Download Link 

Mini Cartoon theme 



This launcher is for kids, as the name suggests this cartoon style launcher makes your android phone more cool for the kids. This theme is mostly loved by kids because the icons of all apps are different and all have some cartoon characters. You will get a light yellow car background which does not irritates kids and keeps mind cool. To download this theme go to Google PlayStore and search for this launcher or download by download button below.

User Reviews:

  • I think they are real minions, don’t look like cartoons.
  • My 3 yrs old daughter’s obsessed with minions!!
  • I love your app I can change to a different theme every week and it doesn’t take up much space.

Download Link 

So, that’s our list of best themes for android and we have added five themes for all the age groups. These launchers are best, but read on the user reviews and keep in mind the pros and cons of every theme. These are some best themes of android. If you want to give some suggestions comment down below. Like us on facebook , follow us on twitter and subscribe to Geek Tech Info to get latest updates.

Do you really want to install iOS rom in android device? then this article is for you read this full guide and you will easily install iOS in android device. If your smartphone is in warranty then your warranty will expire because this will done by root.

It is very fascinating because parcels individuals need to realize that How To Download And Install iOS ROM in Android yet gives a talk a chance to talk something iOS, iOS is Apple’s own particular Operating System good only with their scope of iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

This OS isn’t a free and open source programming as Android seems to be. In this way, regardless of whether you could get your hand on its source code, it would be illicit, being a shut source programming. Claimed by Apple, is a nonshareable and not usable until apple licenses to do as such, so don’t endeavor to do that by snare and hooligan techniques or you will get a sue from apple.

They may have a similar design. However, it doesn’t have the same CPU. The processors utilized as a part of iPhone are entirely unexpected and are composed such that iOS works as it does well at this point. Correspondingly iOS is formed such that it abuses the CPU as it does well at this point. It is more similar to coordinate making done in paradise; both can’t exist without each other.

There are numerous approaches to sidestep makers restrictions. You need to recognize what guideline components they depend on. For instance, we have flashed more up to date Androids in unsupported frameworks. iOS on Virtual machines and others hacks. I am not discussing altering the iOS which is unlawful. A few cut compilations are however accessible for experimentation. I without a doubt concur with the way that gadgets cannot be hindered from web use by firewalls as we do in windows and other pc based OSs.

Instead of purchasing an iPhone is moderately a superior way, extraordinarily when iPhone 5s now arrive in a relative value beginning from 15k in Indian markets.

To install iOS on an Android phone client must need to root the Android gadget first. At this moment any Android client can work without much of a stretch root any Android device through SuperSU Pro. At present SuperSU Pro can be named as the best consistently establishing apparatus at present. More than millions of clients have been utilizing this incredible device for a wide range of developing exercises.

Also Check :  Install Gta 5 Car Mods In PC

SuperSU Pro most recent version is additionally now discharged to people in general, and the latest version of SuperSU Pro is presently good to all Android releases including the new Android Nougat and Android Oreo version. Also, this e, establishing instrument is finished quickly to understand. With no wreckage, any client can without much of a stretch download the most recent version of SuperSU Pro for nothing out of pocket using SuperSU Pro.

Download iOS Rom For Android Here


  • Reboot to Philz Touch Recovery
  • Take a full backup of recovery
  • Click Wipe data/factory reset
  • Choose Clean to install a new ROM.
  • Yes, I will install a new ROM.
  • Flash the iOS Rom BY
  • Flash Dolby Atmo
  • Flash Patch For
  • Flash Sound Patch
  • Reboot
  • Done

Sample screenshots of ios custom rom for android :

Photo Source : Google

Check Out Video Also:


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Smartphone innovation has been changed fastly in the most recent couple of years. In any case, there are some waiting issues that is setting aside the opportunity to advance — battery life. Smartphone batteries are getting greater and it is the most clever gadget in show time for each human client. So the best arrangement is to purchase a best compact charger (Power Bank) to make alive your versatile. So here we will post about Best Power Banks under 1000 Rs. These power banks are useful for a smartphone to charge whenever. In this rundown, you will locate some best spending 10000 mAh under the value scope of 1000.


5 Best Power Bank Under 1000 Rs

Here is the list of 5 Best Power Bank Under 1000 Rs, you can choose from below list which you want to buy or prefer to anyone.

  1. Xiaomi Mi (PLM09ZM) 2i 10000mAh Power Bank
  2. Syska Power Boost 100 10000mAh Power Bank
  3. Billion PB129 RapidCharge 10000mAh Power Bank
  4. Ambrane P-1133 12500mAh Power Bank
  5. Lenovo PA10400 10400mAh PowerBank

Now check out their specifications and features of these power Banks.

1). Xiaomi Mi (PLM09ZM) 2i


Best Power Bank Under 1000

Double USB yield, Two-way snappy charge, 14.2mm thin. Lithium polymer batteries, Nine layers of circuit chip security. Xiaomi stretches out its sense of duty regarding making the world’s best power banks in India. 10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i conveys on an imaginative plan, amazing quality and high yield limit. 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i is ultra-thin and lightweight. Basically, slip it in your pocket or sack and add it to your bustling way of life! The all-new outline now includes Dual USB yield without trading off on the size, stretching out your energy to impart to others in require.

2). Syska Power Boost 100


Best Power Bank Under 1000

What’s existence without having the capacity to be associated with the world 24 hours? Well,in the present age – nothing, truly. In this way, watch films, check Facebook consistently and tune in to your most loved music or remain engaged with no stresses of losing battery. Pick the fuel for your cell phones, tabs, smaller than usual speakers, MP3 Players and other advanced gadgets… Syska presents to you a standout amongst the most a la mode control banks – ‘Power Boost 100’, which is minimized, lightweight and exceptionally effective. The additional favorable position of Syska Power Boost 100 is that it has 2 USB ports that enable you to charge two gadgets all the while! Isn’t it extremely helpful?

3). Billion PB129 RapidCharge


Best Power Bank Under 1000

The present Indians are continually moving, and remaining associated is an outright need. Displaying the Billion RapidCharge Power Bank – the power bank that isn’t just Made in India, yet Made for India. With 3 USB ports for multi-gadget charging, an A+ review high-thickness lithium particle battery and an excellent lightweight outline, this Billion power bank is the ideal accomplice for Indians in a hurry.

4). Ambrane P-1133


Best Power Bank Under 1000

It is another Power Bank of Ambrane. Its showy plan alongside energetic hues makes it vivacious among individuals. P 1133’s accompanies calfskin feel premium matte complete surface which makes it noticeable among all the Power Banks accessible in the market. It a 12500 mAh Power Bank which accompanies a solitary info, double yield ports and characteristic LED lights for charging and releasing status. It comes in five vivacious hues Blue, Black, White, Silver, and Gold.

5). Lenovo PA10400


Best Power Bank Under 1000

The Lenovo PA 10400 is a power bank that proves to be useful when your gadget is coming up short on charge while in a hurry. It has two USB ports so you can associate in excess of one gadget to it at once. This power bank is minimized so you can convey it in your pack and charge your gadget even while voyaging. It has a limit of 10400 mAh. It accompanies 2 USB ports, each with a yield of 2.1 amperes.

So here we present the Best Power Bank Under 1000 Rs, if you liked our post then must share with everyone and don’t forgot to subscribe our push notifications.

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