Oppo R11 Tips And Tricks – 6 Tricks That You Never Knew

Oppo R11 Tips and Tricks: – You Never Knew About , yes you are listing right, Are you searching about Oppo R11 Tips & Tricks, Then you are at right place. Here we will elaborate all tips & tricks that you must know about Oppo R11.

Oppo R11 Tips And Tricks

Oppo R11 Tips And Tricks: 6 Hidden Tricks That You Never Knew


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  • Finger Screenshot

Oppo packs some useful features with the ColorOS. Capturing screenshot in Oppo R11 is a lot easier task with the help of gesture. You can capture the 3 finger screenshot screenshot easily by dragging three fingers from the top of your home screen. This feature works throughout the smartphone, irrespective of the application you are in. Do make a note that you can even capture the screen shot by pressing the volume and power buttons.

You need to enable this feature manually under Settings> Gesture & Motion> Quick gesture> Enable it.

  • Simple Mode Battery Saver

Simple Mode to save your battery. Oppo R11 comes with a Simple Mode which helps in saving your battery life, at times. After enabling the Simple Mode under Settings, you will be able to access Photos, Favorites (Apps), Contacts, Emergency Call, Phone, and Messages only. You can exit the Simple Mode by swiping left to the home screen.

  • Call Blocker

Block unknown numbers with ease You can block unknown numbers with the ColorOS. You need to enable this option under

Settings> Call> Block unknown numbers (enable it). When enabled, you won’t receive calls from unknown numbers.

  • Screen-off Gestures

Screen-off gestures for better use This is not a new feature in Android phones, but a most useful feature. The screen-off gestures basically work on lock screen when your device is in sleep mode. There are gestures such as Double Tap to Wake, Draw ‘O’ to start the camera, Draw a ‘V’ to turn on the flashlight, Music Control. You can even add an ‘Add a screen-off gesture’ by yourself, which is a decent addition.

To access screen-off gestures, head over to Settings>Gesture & motion>Screen-off> Enable what you need.

  • Quite Time Mode

Enable ‘Quiet Time’ for better office meetings ‘Quite Time’ works same as the DND (Do Not Disturb) on Android 5.0 and above devices. Oppo further tweaked it and added options such as ‘Enable Manually’ and ‘Enable automatically’ based on the chosen time. You can set between Notifications, Incoming call, and SMS to receive when in Quite Time mode.

Enable it by heading over to Settings>Quiet Time.

  • Double Exposure Mode 

Double Exposure in camera application The camera application comes with a ‘Double Exposure’ Mode which basically allows you to shoot two shots and combine them easily. After enabling the Double Exposure mode and capturing an image, the camera application asks you to shoot another image and them combines both pictures, which is a really cool feature.

You can enable the Double Exposure feature in the camera app itself.

That’s it.

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