OnePlus Two Best Tips and Tricks


The new smartphone OnePlus Two Tips and Tricks.

Double Tap To Wake Up:- If you enable this mode from setting, When your device is in standby mode you can double tap on screen and the homescreen will open and if you double tap on notification bar your device will be back in stand-by mode.

Gestures:- You can also enable gestures, To enable gestures go to setting > Tap on the gestures section and enable it. When your phone is in stand-by mode you can make O on your screen the camera will be open and if you draw V sign the flashlight is on if you want to off flashlight make V sign again the flashlight will be off, and you can customized these sign in gestures section.

Notification Bar:- If you swipe down from the left the notification bar open, if you swipe from right quick toggles will open and you can also customized the status bar Open settings > Tap on the status bar section and there are options like brightness control you can enable it and this to work you can disable auto brightness and swipe the notification bar/quick toggles and swipe your finger on the top of the screen to adjust  brightness, you can customized battery icon, clock in status bar and signal style.

Themes:- The themes center is built in this device and you can change the themes and download the themes from the store most of them are paid but few are free of cost, you can change the font and icons, there are more options of customization  in themes section under settings.

Privacy:- In the settings in privacy section there is privacy guard by enabling this you can restrict what type of data a particular app can access for example many android app access your SMS data and other things you can restrict data by this privacy guard option.

Recording:- In this device there’s a in-built screencast by this you can record your device screen with no lag and you can also share your recordings.

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