OnePlus 5 Tips And Tricks: Top Secrets Tricks of OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 Tips and Tricks, Hey Reader are you finding Best OnePlus 5 Tips & Tricks, Anymore we are here to describe you about OnePlus Tips & Tricks, So start with some good tips & tricks. OnePlus 5 has quite recently been propelled, and keeping in mind that it’s pricier than its ancestors, it’s as yet a decent measure of telephone at the £499 cost tag. It’s easily less expensive than any semblance of the Pixel XL, iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 Plus, and offers a genuine top of the line involvement.

OnePlus 5

On the off chance that you’ve gotten one as of late, or plan to, let us control you through a portion of the product highlights will need to learn. OnePlus’ OxygenOS framework is loaded with traps, despite the fact that it looks from the outside like it’s only an immaculate variant of Android.

OnePlus 5 Home Screen Tips & Tricks

Open application easy routes: Some applications have a rundown of alternate routes that fly up on the home screen. Press and hold an application symbol, and you’ll get those fly up alternatives over the symbol. These exclusive show up on perfect applications. Some won’t react along these lines.

Stick application alternate routes to home screen: When you have the application easy routes appearing, press and hold one that you need to stick to your screen, and drag it where you need it. Presently you’ll have the capacity to play out that activity just by tapping the easy route that is for all time on your home screen.

OnePlus 5 Camera Tips

Double tap power button to launch: By default, the OnePlus 5 camera can be launched by quickly double-tapping the power button on the right edge. If yours doesn’t have the feature switched on, or you want to switch it off, head to Settings > Buttons and then hit the toggle next to “Press power button twice for camera”.

Dual SIM options: Just like the OnePlus 2, 3 and 3T, there’s a dual SIM tray which means you can have two SIM cards in the phone at once. If you have a work and personal line, or have a SIM for two different carriers, it can be an invaluable feature, especially if you know one network in your area is better for data speeds than another.

Heading into Settings then “SIM & network settings”, you can choose which SIM is the preferred option for mobile data, calls or text messages. So if one SIM has a higher data allowance, you could set that as your main data SIM.

Reorder quick tiles: In Android N, Google is introduced the ability to move around quick settings tiles in the drop down settings panel, but OnePlus has had that feature in Oxygen OS for a little while now. Drop down the panel as usual, then tap the little pencil in the top right corner. Then you can reorder the tiles on the screen to suit your preferences.

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