OnePlus 3 is arguable the Best Smartphone under 400$ Now..! And so everyone is interested in buying one! but, some are just ignoring to consider the Smartphone as there is only one variant I.e., Silver Graphite Available for Sale despite the rumors pointing towards
Red and Gold colour to be available in the near future..!

However, there is a Good news for those who were not buying OnePlus 3 due to the colour limitations, as the ‘CEO‘ of OnePlus recently confirmed that the ‘Flagship killer‘ will Soon be available in a “Soft Gold” variant and YES! In a similar fashion where Smartphone manufacturer’s tend to advertise their stuff in a different manner just to attract Customers, OnePlus follows the same foot steps by calling the Standard Gold variant as ‘Soft Gold’ despite having No change’s in the texture or colour of the Smartphone other than Gold,

But, OnePlus says that the ‘Soft Gold’ variant is inspired from the Soft Sand’s of nature, (The same as Baby Soft Back Covers) and will only be available in a limited Stock..!

So, if you are into buying it., then pre-order it right away..! And
The Release dates of the following Countries are as follows..,

USA – July 26, 12:00 PM,

Europe – August 1, 12:00 PM,

Hong Kong  – August 1, 6:00 PM,

Canada – August 1, 6:00 AM.,

Indian Release dates are not Yet confirmed, but we will keep you posted as we get updated about it..,

So, what do you think of the new Soft Gold variant of OnePlus 3, will the New color lure you from buying one or you have just made your mind in buying any other upcoming Smartphone..! Let us know you’re thoughts in the Comments sections below.

Vikrant Sharma
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