Much anticipated LG V20 Spotted..! a close look

LG has been talking a lot about the Successor to the much popular Yet! most underrated LG V10 for quite a while now..! But apart from the Ruomored fact that LG V20 Will be first Smartphone to feature Android 7.0 Nought onboard, We also get to take an in-depth look at the Smartphone,

For Starter’s LG V20 has many Similarities with the Companies partially modular Flagship LG G5, Yes! it seems like LG V20 will take the Same aspiration and will Support modularity, No! We ain’t Confirming it, but due to the fact that the V20 Smartphone has a button at the very bottom right side which is Suspected to be a module release button, and even we find a bottom lip (I.e., the same as LG G5) And even the Smartphone is not that thick at 7.7mm at the thinnest and 8.8mm at its thickest at the Camera module hump, speaking about the Camera yes it is likely that LG V20 will feature the Similar fashion of Camera as the G5 with a dual Camera Setup, but with more features ofcourse, LG V20 is measured at 159.5mm Tall & 78.1mm Wide Which is Some what similar if not a bit Narrower than the G5, Taking a look at the front looks like the Dual Camera Setup on the front has been Over looked with a traditional Single Camera Setup, but that’s not to say that the upper Secondary Ticker-tape display has been removed, on that contrary this time the Secondary display has been made more functional and is Set to keep the display with minimum bezel’s, and taking a look at the back of the device the we find the Similar power button with fingerprint scanner embedded in it just like the G5 and the volume rockers have been moved to a traditional side placement which makes us to believe that the back placing volume rockers are Something that is going to be ancient Soon..,

However taking a look at the Specs We Cannot Guarantee you but we can expect the V20 to Sport a 5.5 – 5.7 inch quad HD display, with either a Snapdragon 821 or 820 with 4GB of RAM and a Dual Camera Setup at the back much like the LG G5, And the Smartphone will also come with a USB type ‘C’ port with allegedly Android 7.0   Nought on-board..,

The LG V20 will launch on September 6th in ‘San Fransisco’ So We are Not too far behind from the launch and So We will keep you updated with any New updates possible..!

So, What do you feel about the Claims that the Company is making about the LG V20 to be the world’s first Smartphone to feature Android 7.0 Nought on-board along with it’s Similarities with LG G5, are you ‘overwhelmed’ or ‘underwhelmed’ with the leaks, Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below..!

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