Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation Tips & Tricks (2015)



After the great success of moto g 2nd gen and 1st gen, motorola launched moto g 3rd generation and it is a great smartphone. Read some of its tips.


When you type anything you can see the keyboard in material white color some people don’t like this color because its like transparent  so if you can change go to setting > Open Language & inputs section and open Google Keyboard Settings and then open Appearance & layouts > Open Theme then select theme there are four color for your keyboard and select what you want now go back and type something you see the keyboard color is change.

More Than One User Profile

This is an amazing new and unique feature in the new moto g 3rd generation. Scroll down the notification and at the top of the right side there’s icon of profile switcher it’s blue in color and tap on it it will open a user tap and has two option add guest and add user you can what you want to add and then you can see there’s is totally different interface if you signed as guest account if doesn’t requires password and if you want previous account then go back to the user section and select owner and you’re back in your profile, now it ask password if you set but in guest it doesn’t ask.

Screen Pinning

First Go To Settings > Open Accessibility > Security Section and in below under Advanced there’s Screen Pinning and then turn it on and open chrome browser and it will ask for use screen pinning it will show if you password protection on your device and hold back or multitasking options and now disable the lock from device and open chrome and it not asking for pin and by this you can set password on multitasking.enable

Ambient Display

In setting open display section and enable ambient display by enabling this feature if your screen is lock you can receive and keyboard will pop-up lock screen and you can reply them without open the lock of your device.

Battery Saver

Open Setting in battery section open battery saver and you can turn it on or turn it on automatically there’s two option one is at 5% battery second is at 15% battery when it on it increase the time period of 2-3 hours and it can also reduces brightness and some more things that save the battery life when you on the device was little bit lagging.

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