How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program? Best Ways To Promote Products

How to make money with Amazon affiliate program? Best ways to promote products

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn a decent extra money, all you need to have a blog or a website. The Amazon Affiliate program is commonly also known as Amazon associate. With this, you can earn 4 % and even more, for every product which is sold through your website or blog. Here in this article, we will give you a complete guide on how to make money with Amazon Affiliate programs.


1. Make Yourself Online:- You need to make a blog or make your own website for this purpose. All you need to do is, with your content you need to attract the people and you have to put a link of any product in your blog so that people can be directed to the buy page in the Amazon website.

  • Use blogger, use WordPress or something of that kind and start posting about your favorite category.
  • your website should be attractive and should be well designed.
  • Set up social media accounts for your blog or site, this is one of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking.

2. Content And Consistency:- content is king, write a good value article and post at least once a week on your blog. Check that your content is interesting and free-form errors.

3. Gain loyalty:- use the affiliate links and list of some of the best products that are available. All you need to do is to post links, That means that if you have written an article for best earphone available on amazon then add the buy link of that product in your content.

4. Go to the Read the information given carefully and sign up for Amazon affiliate. You should know about all the product which are eligible for affiliate marketers, you should know about how you have to post and how you will be paid.

Depending upon the product type amazon rewards advertising fees, or commissions which will vary depending upon the product.

5. Join the Amazon associate:-  Provide your basic asked information and sign up your account. And then sign in using your Amazon username and password, keep a note that you select your official payment address form the list and even you can input the address.

Fill the information about your blog or website, your web traffic, and online monetization. Now when you are filling the information you will be asked to fill the link of your website and then you will need to verify your identity before continuing.

This is the time you have to select the products for your website in the amazon associate central, choose some products which you want to integrate into your blog posts. Now one thing to note here is that take the products to form bestseller filter to find the bestselling products in any category. Post the link on your post in your website. Now in order to put the post, you can choose to post an image, text or a text link, depending upon how you want it to look. You can use the amazon associate site stripe, the toolbar at the top of the page, to capture links for products you want to post.

6. Earning optimization:- you have to post links daily, the thing is this that you should look for creative ways to incorporate products recommendation into your posts. The link should not disturb the reader, in fact, they should impress the traffic.

Note: Amazon affiliate links are active for 24 hours once clicked by any potential buyer. This simply means that they will expire after 24 hrs and fresh links mean you have new chance to earn money.

7. Link building:- Amazon gives you money for an advertisement which is based on the purchase made by any customer. The thing to consider here is you have to get the people to use the Amazon link and make purchases.

8. Referral links:- use your referral links when you send invitation information via any social media, this will make you earn commission on any purchase, except your own, but these referral links are alive for 24 hours only. You can trade these amazon associate referral links your circle and make them use your referral link and buy the product.

9. Widgets:- amazon associate allows you to use widgets and even online stores. You can add to your websites these widgets with which you can link the recommended product, best seller, a product with demand etc.

10. Advertisement:- your income totally depends on how much products you sell. Hence advertise your product so that they get sold in large number and ultimately this will make you earn a profit.

11. Lists:- this is a professional practice you can use lists of your popular products. You can make your own recommendation list periodically you can go to your own list and put in your website to attract the people to buy products from your link.

12. SEO for your website:- you can use search engine optimization practice like keyword density, short URLs and you can even create backlinks so that your website goes to the top and this way you can increase the traffic in your website. The more people will come to your website the more you will earn.

13. The New Trick:- make a section in your website which shows hots deal on the products. If you are able to show the perfect deal, traffic will surely route to Amazon buy page of the product and any purchase will make you earn a profit.


The Amazon affiliate program is one of the best ways you can earn money this is like a part-time job you need not go for huge investment but you have to use our creativity to impress people to buy your products.

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