How To Make Fan At Home Using CD

Do you want to make Fan at home using CD so you are at right place today i am going to tell you How To Make Fan At Home Using CD.

3 Things You Want To Make Fan At Home:-

  • Motor (3 V DC).
  • Compact Disc(CD).
  • Data Cable.

Steps To Make Fan At Home Using CD:-

1.You need a scale and black marker.

2.Draw a lines on CD see the photo below:-

GTI cut

3.Now cut the line on the CD carefully.

4.You need to cut like this photo below:-

gti fan

5.Now you need motor and paste the motor back of the Fan.

6.Cut the data cable and use the cable that have USB port.

7.Out of four wires, connect red and black wire to motor.

8.Now you want wooden stick and paste the stick with wire.

9.Now plug the USB to computer and the Fan will work.

So this is our guide on How To Make Fan At Home, if you like this tell in comment section so we make more articles like this.

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