How To Make Any Android or iOS Smartphone Almost Unhackable

Security is one of the most important factor of our Smartphone life and So these days many Companies tend to Charge thousands of dollars Claiming that their Smartphone is Secured of all, Same way BlackBerry made its reputation by offering Security as a priority over function, But Security based Smartphone’s are either Too expensive or they are just Too Restrictive aren’t they.? but, What if We say the Smartphone you are holding Right Now Can be almost unhackable without even an extra charge of penny Sound’s Good Right! well It’s not a Dream nor a Si-fi movie..!, But indeed it’s possible in a Real life! Yes! these 4 Simple Tips Can make Your life Simpler and Could even Save thousands of Dollars.,

STEP: 1. This may Seem like too ordinary to Some but it is a Subtle one, always keep your Smartphone (iOS or Android) protected.., Both the major platforms offer their respective ways of locking their Smartphone either by Pin or Password or a Fingerprint Scanner which will definitely help Secure your Smartphone by a bit..! And every bit Counts Right!

STEP: 2. This one is a bit time Consuming but is definitely Something that every Android Smartphone user must do, Yes! I just said every Android Smartphone user, Coz every iPhone after iOS 8 and above Comes with a default full disk Encryption Service but sadly in an Android phone you need to do it manually However! it is just as Simple by Going into Settings >Security >encrypt data and then enable it., That’s it, you are ready to Rock, And is a must even if your are not a Security junky..!

STEP: 3. Both the Tips mentioned above are important but this Tip is a must and every Android or iOS user must do it, I.e., enable “find my phone” and also enable “activation lock” on your iPhone which will help keeping your data Safe when you lose your phone or Some one Steals it..! As He/She will not be able to activate or enable any of your personal data..! On an Android device it is not as Robust as it’s Counterparts but Still Google’s “Android device manager” or any 3rd party app will get the Job done..!

STEP: 4. Finally this Tip is Something that We Normally feel is not important but is one to be Considered for Sure! I.e., “always update your phones Software” as, many Bugs get fixed with the Software updates which if not fixed may open doors for the Hacker’s to enter into your phone, On an iPhone Apple Notifies you to update your phone’s Software whenever is available, on the flip side there will not be as many as Software updates available for an Android device due to Manufacturer limitations but you do get Some updates! Whichever is necessary for which you need to go to Settings> about phone> and finally hitting on the System update..!

And So, these are all the Tips that We knew and felt will make any Smartphone irrespective of Android or iOS into an almost unhackable Smartphone Which everyone Dream’s of, and So! did you try any of these Tips before if Yes! Which one among the above or are there any that you think We have missed Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below..!

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