Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus Tips and Tricks

Yes! I know Lenovo has set a bar in Smartphone industry by launching the ZUK z2 plus Smartphone with Snapdragon 820 for just 18k, and is one of the Best Smartphone for the price, but now so that you have bought your Shiny new Smartphone (z2 plus), what if we say we will suggest you some tips and tricks that will make you a Pro so these are the Top 5 Tips and Tricks for the Brand new Lenovo ZUK z2 plus.

5 Best Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus Tips & Tricks 

1. Enable Notification LED (I.e., disabled by default)

I was actually surprised when I first looked at the device and realized that there is No Notification LED in a 2016 Lenovo flagship but later realized that the Notification LED is present but is disabled by default so to enable that you have to head-on over to SettingsNotification & Status barNotification LightEnable it. And that’s it now you will never miss a notification.,.

2. Customize the Quick Settings

As you might probably know that Lenovo Zuk z2 plus unlike many other Android Smartphones has a quick Settings that needs to be pulled up (like iOS) rather than pulling down but not many know that you can actually customize the Quick Settings (unlike iOS) for that head-on over to SettingsQuick switch panelSwitching sequenceand drag and drop the settings you want > and customize the way you want and you are Good to Go..,

3. Shoot in 960FPS (Super Slow motion)

Yes! Indeed Lenovo is marketing this feature for quite a while now but not many know that you can an actually shoot in a crazy slow motion I.e.., 960fps although some might argue that it is done by software over the Hardware But even though it is true you can actually achieve some usable Videos from that so for that you should head-on over to SettingsCameraSlowly Recording frame Rate> and Choose 960fps and you are good to go.., again remember this is a software based slowmo so don’t expect iPhone like Slow motion but still it’s usable..,

4. Customize Home button (U-Touch)

With launching z2 plus Lenovo has taken a huge leap by replacing the traditional 3 Capacitive buttons with a Single home button which functions In a way that even (Apple should feel shame) taking that PUN aside did you know you can do a lot more than just Locking/unlocking the Smartphone but you can customize it in a crazy way for that head-on over to
SettingsU-TouchPhysical home button customization> and customize the way you you want and enjoy..,

5. Lock Screen and Display (PPD)

Yes! this feature is something that we have been seeing in enormous amount of Smartphones for quite a while now but there are some more features hidden under the hood So for that you Just have to head-on over to SettingsDisplay and BrightnessDouble tap to power on screen and here you can also see the Steps that you have walked directly on the lockscreen itself or you can Enable pocket dial prevention by which you can stop accidental triggers when your phone is in pocket or bags this is a very handy feature but is easily ignored..,

So, there you have it the Top 5 Tips and Tricks that will make you make your Smartphone experience better then ever but these are not all the features that this device has, so do you know any feature that you felt that should be on this list if Yes then let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below and Help us out with some sharing on your favourite Social Medias.!

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