Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review : Is It Flagship Killer?

Lenovo ZUK Z1

After the exit from the Top 5 Smartphone manufacturer Globally the Company wants to get back to their respective Spot with the ZUK Z1, but is it the right attempt to bring the Smartphone now to India which was released 7 months Early internationally, Well Let’s find out..,

Build and Design

PLACEMENTS: Starting of., On the right we find the Power Lock & Unlock key, On the bottom we have the USB type ‘C’ port, Secondary microphone and a Speaker Grill, on the left we have the Dual sim slots, and at top we have the 3.5mm Headphone jack..!

The Smartphone is not entirely built out of metal, but the metal to the sides and plastic to the back holds up quite Good..


On the front we have a 5.5 inch full HD IPS display with 401 PPI, The display is sharp, viewing Angles are great and is quite colour accurate and is quite bright too meaning sunlight legibility is great and as a Cherry on top the display has a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection aswell and on the bottom there is a Fingerprint scanner flanked in between the back and recent apps button,, and Yes, they are backlight the fingerprint scanner also behaves as a home button so thats quite nice too..!


Under the hood the the ZUK z1 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip now that’s 4 kriat 400 cores clocked at 2.5 GHz each coupled withadreno graphics, 3GB of RAM and 64GB of non-expandable Storage which ensures that the performance is quite Smooth for most part… and yes you might be wondering that 801 is a 2 year old 32Bit Chip then Yes! it is., but it is a 2year old flagship chip, Given that to the fact that midrange Snapdragon chips have some issues with overheating 801 seems to be a tried and tested chip So the performance holds great, Apps open up fast lauch times are quick and there is little to no lag in the Games that we throw at it..!,
And the performance is quite smooth there are no frame drops and the chip doesn’t heat up at all..! Good Stuff

 Speaker performance

Speaker placement is kind of okay in my opinion, but due to the fact that it is downward faced one, audio feels lopsided but it is quite loud and yes! it is louder than the Galaxy S7..! (LOL) and the Headphone playback is quite good too! but it isn’t going to perform like the Lenovo vibe x3 or the New ZTE Axon 7, but still it holds up quite Great.,


The Lenovo ZUK z1 Sports a
13 mp rear camera, f2.2 aperture dual LED flash and optical image stabilization
built- in and this happens to be the Cheapest Smartphone with OIS
And Yes! this smartphone takes Great pictures in day light, Great colour reproduction strong dynamic range and excellent quality pictures and the night shots are quite good too,! It is due to the fact that OIS is built-in and talking about Video the z1 can only shoot 1080p or full HD Video that’s quite disappointing as the Hardware 13mp camera with Snapdragon 801 has the ability to shoot 4k videos and We have seen that in flagships such as the Galaxy s5 two years earlier, but for some reason probably due to non-expandable storage, Cyanogen has disabled it, and I really wish that with the future updates Cyanogen should enable it, but for now the 1080p video is quite good the Bit rate is smooth and there are No artifacts while panning but yes! the OIS doesn’t seem to do that great of job as there is No Software Stabilization to help, but Still it’s Good for the price,, but front facing camera though will certainly get the job done, the selfies are sharp and for video chats that’s quite good with that 8mp f2.4 shooter,, over all we are settling with Good over great here..!!


With this we get to Software the z1 runs on
On CyanogenMod 12.1 built on top of Android 5.1 lollipop but the Marshmallow update is on the way as said by the company, but for now the CyanogenMod is CyanogenMod it has a lot of Customization built in, there is this app themer and regular Cyanogen functions like enabling on-screen navigation buttons and swapping them are present and you can even change the entire look and feel of the device if needed, and theFingerprint scanner works great., And it is on power with the fingerprint scanners that huawei flagships have, overall if I talk about CyanogenMod the only thing that comes to my mind is customization and there is a lot here..!


Which finally brings us to battery life the ZUK z1 sports a 4100mah non-repalcable battery and the battery life is just amazing I got over 6hours of screen on time (SOT) constantly over the days that I have Tested, Well., you’re mileage may vary ofcourse but for me that kind of SOT is Great and the z1 lasts and it lasts long..! it is one of the few Smartphones which if charged fully I can be fully confident that I don’t need to hunt for charger between the day and that’s something which excites me a lot..!

Over all ZUK z1 seems to be a good step and for 13499/-INR and it’s a Sweet deal..! For the price But it all seems to be too good from my mouth right if Yes! then actually there is one Con that I faced,,

Network and Call quality

As addressed  by Ash from c4etech that Cellular reception is not that good,
I tried to test it out, and I live in an area where there is good Cellular reception but to test it out I moved to a place where there was not that good network and my z1 was showing no Network… That’s weird as my iPhone 5 and even the Lenovo k3note were showing 3 points so bare that in mind., Over all if you live in those parts, where there is Good Cellular reception then there are no issues..! Just buy it..!


Lenovo has checked all boxes correctly… And the ZUK z1 has a Great build quality, Great screen, Great camera, Great performance and anoutstanding battery life.. So it’s a Complete Great package..!!

But this Smartphone alone might not bring Lenovo back to the 4th spot but it just shows us, how aggressively Lenovo prices it’s Smartphone’s and how Hard is it trying to get back people’s attention.,,

So this Smartphone is huge thumbsup!
from our side and if are interested in buying one then the Best buy links are mentioned below..!

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So, what do you feel about the Lenovo ZUK z1 is it a Smartphone that you will look over the Xiaomi Redmi note 3 or you are Still concerned about that 2 year old Snapdragon 801 Chip,
Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below..!

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