Lenovo Vibe Shot Best Tips & Tricks

Lenovo Vibe Shot is best mid range smartphone and runs on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) Vibe UI.

Here’s Some Best Tips and Tricks of Lenvo Vibe Shote:-

Rearrange Notification Center:- So if you want to rearrange the notification icons so swipe down the notification bar and tap on the icon in the top of the right side but below from i icon now it will open 3 options hold your finger on the icon and you can move it so this the tips to rearrange the notification center icons.

Display Color Balance:- Go to Settings > Tap on Display Section > Display Color Balance and in this section there are 4-5 options like comfort mode, Super bright mode etc by enabling mode you can change the color of the phone and there are also saturation option and smart brightness option. Smart brightness if you enable this when you go in hard light like in sunlight it will automatically change the display settings you can easily see your phone display in sunlight.

Wide Touch:- To Enable Wide Touch Go to Settings > Tap on Feature Section > Tap on Wide Touch Section and enable it to enable wide touch you will get small icon on the screen when you click on it it will open quick menu it same like iPhone AssistiveTouch.

Secure Zone Management:- The thing allows you to configure apps, accounts and wallpapers if you activate this you go to different mod where is the customized apps and other option configure it is a different mod from default mode.

Power Manager:- There is app management you can select app which one is not in background and there is ultra power saving, smart switch this is some option to save power of your device.

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