Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Apparently to Feature 4GB RAM

Lenovo has been known for making great laptops and tablets for quite a while now..! and it’s just been under a decade that the innovative company has started manufacturing the Smartphone’s, which are no exceptions as it’s laptop offerings and are affordable Yet functional..!

And Lenovo is again said to do the same with its latest budget offering the‘Lenovo vibe k5 note‘., back in January the company launched the vibe k4 note in INDIA alongside the company also released the vibe k5 note in China it was quite funny actually.., but now considering competition the innovative company is said to release the Indian version of the vibe k5 note with an insane 4GB RAM onboard compared to 2GB of the Chinese variant, So, it is likely to get excited about,, and rest of the specs remain the same, such as a 5.5″ full HD IPS display, a 3500 mah battery a dual 1.5 wt speakers, but it is not yet confirmed whether this Smartphone will come with the ANT VR headset bundled as it came with the vibe k4 note or it will come separately, but it is confirmed that the ANT VR technology is said to come built-in, so that you can view anything into a virtual world and the other noticeable improvement’s over the Chinese variant include the upgrade to Android 6.0 marshmallow out of the box..!

The Chinese variant of the vibe k5 note is priced at 11300/-INR (roughly) but the Indian pricing is likely to be11999/-INR which is not much considering the minor software changes and the inclusion of additional 2GB ram over the standard 2GB model making a total of 4GB RAM..! And the Lenovo vibe k5 note will release on August 1. (As confirmed by the company, officially on Twitter)

So, what do you feel about the Lenovo vibe k5 note, is it a great buy considering that it has 4GB RAM or you are happy with what the competition is offering..! let us know you’re thoughts in the comments section below..!

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