Moto G5 Plus Tips and Tricks – Top 5 Untold Features of the Moto G5 Plus

For the longest time I could remember the Motorola’s Budget ‘G’ Line up has been the most popular series in any Smartphone and if such popular line up gets an upgrade then how can the fans stay calm and such was also the reaction when Lenovo launched the Moto G5 Plus a couple of days earlier but that’s different topic for today as today we will be taking a look at the “Moto G5 Plus Tips and Tricks – Top 5 Untold Features of the Moto G5 Plus“.
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 5. Embedded Battery Percentage

It’s quite annoying when you have just 10 percent battery left but you don’t exactly get the number as Moto G5 Plus battery indicator is of Bar but not any more as you can not know exactly what is the battery percentage as you can enable the battery percentage right from the settings so for that all you need to do is pull the notification settings down then long tap on the settings icon for 3 – 4 Seconds and when the icon starts rotating you soon get a notification saying system UI tuner enabled then go to settings scroll down at the very end and then tap on the system UI tuner option > show embedded Battery percentage > enable it, and so from now you will get the exact battery percentage which will save you a ton of battery!

4. Change quick settings

All the other UI’s in one way or the other provide you the option of changing the quick toggle’s but not anymore as now you can change the quick toggle’s right on your Android Smartphone with out even rooting your device so for that all you have to do is again Enable system UI tuner just as you did in the earlier Trick then again go to Settings > then scroll down at the last until you find the System UI tuner option > then tap on it and then just tap on the Quick settings Option and > then drag and drop the icons that you want to add or remove and you are done simple isn’t it.

3. Enhanced Moto actions

Now we all are familiar with Moto actions and we all love flaunting them in public but did you know you can actually customize the Moto actions to your likings well not exactly to your likings but to an extent so for that all you have to do is Launch the Moto app > Actions > Flip for DND mode and from now whenever you flip your brand new Moto G5 Plus it will go into Do Not Disturb mode that’s actually quite handy and is you want you can do other changes in the Moto actions which are there available.

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 2. Double Tap for Recent Screens

Thisone is not actually a Moto exclusive feature but I love this feature a lot so I thought why not to add it here that is did you know that you can now double tap on the recent App button and you can switch between your recently used two apps which is a life saver in some though situations if you know what i am speaking about!

1. Enable Home screen rotation

This is by far one of the best Tip or Tricks for the Moto G5 Plus as you can now enable your home screen orientation or keep your home screen stay in landscape so for that all you have to do is just long tap on the home screen > tap on the settings icon that you find on the very bottom right side of the home screen and then > scroll down and then tap on Allow rotation and then > enable it that’s it from now even your home screen will rotate to landscape which is quite handy Feature!
So, there you have it all the Top 5 untold features of the Moto G5 Plus that will help you in getting better experience out of your Brand New Lenovo Moto G5 Plus but these are not all so are there any that you feel should be considered in the list featured above if Yes! then do let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your favourite social medias..!

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