Lenovo K6 Power Full Review – Best Budget Smartphone under 10k (2017)

its been almost a year Lenovo has delivered a fabulous smartphone, which perhaps is the reason other Chinese OEM`s have taken the lead but not anymore as Lenovo has launched a Smartphone which probably is the best budget Smartphone under 10k why do we say so find out as this is the Lenovo k6Power review.
Build and Design

As always let’s start with the Build and by no surprise the Lenovo K6Power is built like a tank and is one of the more exquisite and steardier device that you can get in this price segment, the metal casing gives the Lenovo K6 Power a premium feel which most manufacturers skip in this budget price segment and while we are done appreciating that lets take a look at the placement of the device but if you want to take a deeper look at the device then be sure to check our Lenovo K6 Power unboxing video listed below..!
The Lenovo k6Power comes with a 5″ FHD IPS display with 441PPI and I should say iam impressed by the display as it’s well saturated the viewing angles are excellent but I was kinda underwhelmed by the brightness levels but still 1080p is great especially at this price Segment, and while we are discussing about display how can we leave the protection aspect aside and sadly the Lenovo hasn’t confirmed any thing on that front but still it looks like there is some sort of hardened Glass on top and hopefully it is less likely to scratch easily, however we would suggest you to get a tempered glass as soon you get the device..!
Under the Hood.
So While we are talking about the display why don’t we talk about what’s powering it on and So the Lenovo K6 Power comes with a now familiar Snapdragon 430 Octacore SoC, with 3GB of RAM and 32GB onboard storage which is expandable via the hybrid dual sim Slot, and I should say i’m impressed actually I’m a little surprised as the Snapdragon 430 is an entry level chip and Considering the fact that the K6 Power has a full HD Display so there are more pixels to push hence I wasn’t expecting much, but my boy my boy I was surprised, and the SoC coupled with 3GB RAM and 32GB on-board storage the experience is just amazing and by the month of my usage i never felt like i’m holding a smartphone that is just priced for 10k, and it doesn’t matter what i’m doing with the device either it’s games or apps you name it the device can handle most of the titles that you throw at it, that too with ease and the best part the device doesn’t heat up at all.
Lenovo K6 Power comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Lenovo’s Pure UI on top and this implementation of vibe UI is the lightest and Smoothest Chinese skins that we have seen and that’s not to say the the UI is blunt coz it’s not and on that contrary  there is an option to add or remove the app drawer, there is loads of Customization available, there is a theme engine built in and there are plethora of features that we cannot cover in a single video and in a nut shell Lenovo’s Pure UI has started to grow on me and is one of the faster UI’s they doesn’t leave a bad taste in mouth and is something even a stock Android enthusiast will not be shy to flaunt in public, Huhuh Huawei PUN.
Camera’s and for those who needs an in-depth look at the Camera’s of this Smartphone we have done a full in depth Camera Review wherein we found the Camera to be excellent and as a quick note the K6 Power boast’s a Solid set of Cameras, the primary 13mp f2.0 camera performs well in daylight and produces exceptional pictures and satisfactory videos and it is one of the better performers in low-light and again the front 5 MP shooter is wide angled so that you can fit your army in your picture but again if you want to have the in-depth look the cameras of this smartphone stick around for the end screen animation but if are too desperate then go check the link..!
Battery life and Conclusion
 The Battery-life of the Lenovo K6 Power sports a mammoth 4000 mAh battery and as expected the combo of a low power sucking 1080p display and the power efficient snapdragon 430 SoC results in the Device performing exceptionally good in battery life and even a heavy user can get through one and half day of use with ease and if you are a moderate user then we wouldn’t be surprised if this device lasts you a couple of days and similar we the case with me as well as it lasted me 2 full days with around 7 hours of SOT and the standby times were excellent but if you kill your Device on that second day there is quick charge support on this device and sadly the device comes with only 2.1 AMP charger out of the box which is OK Considering the price but not considering the battery capacity however you can’t get all for the Price right.
So what do we feel about the Lenovo K6 Power, in our opinion the Lenovo K6 Power is another budget Smartphone that will revolutionize the budget Smartphone market and is one of its kind with Great and Compact display, Great camera, Great build quality Great software  experience thankfully and with exceptional battery life the Lenovo K6 Power is a smartphone to beat in 2017 and for just a price of under10k,/-INR it is undoubtedly the best budget Smartphone under 10k and yes it’s better then the Redmi 3s Prime, and so there you have it the Lenovo K6 Power in all its glory but do you agree with what we said if not what is that you don]’t agree, do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below and help us out with some sharing on your favorite Social Networks.

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