Tips And Tricks of Lenovo K3 Note so lets get started:-

1. Double Tap to Wake Up

To enable this feature Go To Settings > Open Feature Section > Open the Tap to light option then enable by clicking on the top of the right side and now go back to home screen and lock the device and double tab on screen, the screen will wake up.

2. Quick Snap

To enable this feature Go To Settings > Open Feature Section > Tap on Quick Snap then enable it and the go back to home screen and lock device and press volume up and volume down button twice it takes a shot, its pretty good feature in the lenovo k3 note and its my favorite feature.


3. Ultimate Power Saving Mode

To enable this feature Go to Settings > Open Power Manager Section > Enable ultimate power saver mode and this is completely different, in this mode you can do some basic things like calling, messaging, clock and contacts. But the battery life is amazing it works almost 4 days, when the device is full charged, you can Β also disable this mode by tapping on the close icon on the top.

4. Theme Center

Open the theme center in the menu and you will find many themes you can choose which you want as of, i am choosing Age theme because of which the icons change. In theme center of lenovo k3 note you can also change wallpapers, lock screen and multitasking.


5. Wide Touch

To enable this feature Go to settings > Open Features Section > Enable the Wide Touch once you enable you get the rectangular box tap on the box you can get shortcut keys like camera, calling etc. Its like assistive touch which is in iPhone.

6. Smart Gestures

To enable this feature Go To Settings > Open Feature Section > Open Screen Off Gestures and enable the options then lock the screen and make V for camera and make O for Browser, similarly you can get many more Gestures.
If You Have Any Question Post It Down in Comments.

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  1. how to get menu button(for accessing all apps) in lenovo k3 note

    1. You will have to install a launcher application to get menu button
      You can use Nova Launcher.

      1. Is there the Dynamic Notifications option in K3 Note which is in Moto G turbo?

      2. I was uninstalled theme center in my lenovo k3 note music. How could I get it back

    2. How to k3 note kipad bitten light

  2. Hi Vishal
    1. How to setup the Screen Lock Pattern or PIN in this Note K3?
    2. Suggest some good launchers like that of Xiaomi MIUI.
    3. Suggest how to change System Fonts.
    4. Any update from Lenovo India, if they are going to launch CERAMIC SPEAKER Back Covers here in India.

    1. 1. Go to settings > open security section and select the patter or PIN or setup.
      2. Google Now or Nova are good launchers.
      3. Download fonts from play store. but i am not sure about this how to install but you can go to settings and find fonts section and install.

      1. How to Use Accelerometer and Gyro in Lenovo K3 Note

  3. is the double tap to wake & character option available in k3 note which is launched in india ?
    please answer.

    1. Yes its available.

  4. hi,

    my off screen gestures are not working with pattern lock. kindly recommend sometyhing.

    1. Hello Garima
      If you are talking about double tap to unlock feature, yes it will not work with pattern lock enabled. But it surely will turn the backlight on so you can draw your pattern and unlock it.
      If its something else you are asking about please describe.

  5. How To Unlock My Lenevok3 Note I Forgot My pattern Lock πŸ™

    1. You need to hard reset your device to unlock your pattern.

  6. how to set lock for apps in lenovo k3 note

    1. Download AppLocker From Google Play Store.

      1. I have tried 10 to 15 third party app to lock my messages contacts and dailer but its not getting lock in k3 note how to lock messages and contacts in a6000 message and contacts is getting locked

        1. It may be due to the UI closing applockers. You can try installing Vault or Leo Privacy Gaurd.

          1. Its not working with thsi two app also plz help with this messege lock and contact lock

        2. try applock 2.First install it and then go to settings > security > apps with usage access > turn on applock 2. now it will work.

  7. when I unlock my phone the screen directly displays the messaging app. I want the home screen to be displayed. how do I tweak the settings?

    1. go to settings in display change it

      1. Exactly which setting to be changed in display ????

        please help me on this …

        1. u cannot correct drag lock option. please correct drag the lock key.

  8. I bought new k3 note but I still not got any software update yet its running on basband version k50a40.LWG.V37 … Is it the latest version?

    1. no there’s no new version when it come it will show you software update:)

  9. can I add recent task list button to wide touch option

    1. Yes but not sure

  10. My Lenovo k 3 note is not responding I can pick up phone calls dont do any thing more. The center part of touch is working and rest of that not working. 9815933048

    1. You can pick up calls if you have installed Airdrop or same kind of app and then installing Smart call accept to receive calls using proximity sensor. I don’t have any more idea. Feel free to ask anything you didn’t understand.

  11. Unable to lock message, contact & call log from applocker in lenovo k3 note. In applock app shows these apps lock sign but when open message app it is opening without asked password or pattern while another apps are lock fine like browset , whatsapps etc. Please help.

    1. Try To reinstall it.

  12. How can I turn on the Back light in menu,back and option key in lenovo k3 note?

    1. You can’t turn backlights on as this feature is not available in k3 note.

  13. How i can on the Back light in menu,back and option key in lenovo k3 note?

    1. You can’t turn on back light. This feature is unavailable in k3.

      1. I can’t believe they don’t have the back light for buttons. You get that feature even in 5K phone these days…some thing to think about Lennovo.

  14. My k3 note is not working. It always frez when I pressed power key then after 20-30 sec it will appear and when I’m going to touch my screen then LCD light will get off. I’m always fzng same issue when I installed any third party apps like L-launcher or Du-battry Saver .and then i have only one solution which is hard reset . I’m totally disappointed always I loses my data…. πŸ™ πŸ™ plz help me how it will fix

    1. Factory resetting the phone should have removed the problem, but as you have done factory reset. In my opinion its just a software problem, you should take your phone to the customer care center. They will be able to help you.


    1. You should firstly try to factory reset it. But if the problem still persists, try visiting the customer care, they will be able to help you out. Thanks

  16. Dear sweety I’m also having same problem. πŸ™

  17. How can i disable to not to display the notification content when the device is locked?i don’t want all the notification contents to be seen on my lock screen without unlocking it first

    1. First go to ‘settings’, then click on ‘notification’ centre and then uncheck ‘display all notification content on lock screen’

  18. Hi
    Some times my wallpaper is not visible mostly in morning
    Any solutions for this problem

    1. If you’re using live wallpaper try using simple one. Live wallpaper sometimes slow down your phone, and wallpaper does not appear. Thanks

      1. My theme center is not working and also unable to update…help…

  19. Keyboard hang some times. And touch response is late sometime. What to do ? Kindly suggest. Should i give it back ?

    1. Try to free some space on your phone by uninstalling unnecessary apps. Clean the cache memory of your device and update your software as soon the update is comes.If nothing works for you, proceed to the customer care. Thanks

  20. I am not able to view notification on the lock screen.
    When I try to turn on settings for the lock screen notification in app notification manager only top reminder and status bar notification can be turned on and I am not able to turn on lock screen notification.

    Plzzz he’ll pop..

  21. How to change font in it?

    1. I am having two lockscreens in my lenovo k3 note k50a40….how do I remove it

  22. Not able to download app from play store on my K3 note . what to do know

    1. ok try factory reset to solve this problem.

  23. hi..in my lenovo k3 torch light turns on whenever i put it pocket..it seems if menu button is pressed for 4 sec it turns on..can you pls help me to turn this feature off..

  24. I changed the theme to da vinci & now my phone is hanging more than before. How to set the theme to the original one ?

    1. You need to go to manage apps and uninstall this theme package. This will help you move back to the default theme.

  25. I am unabl to set call duration option. Not getting call duration feature in my phone. Please help…

  26. Dr. Ankita Pandey I found the solution, It’s nothing… The problem is with the lock screen theme… You just change the lock screen theme… The current theme have a message icon in between the call icon and cam icon where only we swipes up to open the unlock pad to unlock the device… Try another lock screen theme from theme centre that have no message icon instead of this there will be only a lock icon… This will work…

  27. Is there any feature on k3 note to charge its battery quickly

  28. And by the way aabhi v problems face karna par raha hay play store say download kar nah mein. Kabhi kabar download ho jata 10-20mb ka apps. magar jadatar toa 927 error hei hota hay. Meine data bagera v clear kar kay dekh liya hay par problm solve nehi ho raha hay. Thora help milta agar 927 error ko solve kar nay mein toa that will b very helpful for me

    1. Go to application settings > force stop google play store, clear data and cache. If this does not work then try to free space on your phone.

  29. How to lock the application on my lenovo k3 note.

  30. Hello yaar,
    when I unlock my Lenovo K3 note, It always showing a pop up message , like click ok to subscribe to the service and I am irritating to see that each and every time. What to do to block those messages.

    One more thing is that, I bought this phone recently and I got system update alert. Shll I update it?
    As, in many reviews people are suggesting for not to update bcoz after update the phone will become slow as well as get more heat? please helpme

  31. Want to change my font style in phone in Lenovo note k3

    1. You can use Go Launcher and then install fonts.

  32. I’m not able to update contact (additional number for existing customer)

  33. double tap on screen doesnt work on my k3 note when device is in super power saving mode

    1. This feature is disabled to save battery.

  34. I have lenovo killer note. Bottom physical keypad light is not lighting??
    Will u help me to sort out this problem??

  35. I cant set lock fr apps…i dont knw y…i tried with applock nd leo privacy gaurd…its y

    1. U may try SuperApp lock & it’s available on Google playstore..

  36. Is there restriction of only using v gesture for camera and o for browser not c or a? And how many smart gestures are there in k3 note?

  37. Is there restriction of only using v gesture for camera and o for browser not c or b? And how many smart gestures are there in k3 note?

    1. There is no restriction of using specific gestures. You can customize and create your own gestures in settings. Alternatively you can use GMD Gesture control.

  38. Hi, I recently rooted my K3, and installed limonchelo ROM. So far it works fine. Except one thing, when I tried to add new contact it always saved to the Phone’s SIM card, instead of the one of the groups in Gmail. I can’t find any setting that can change this irritating problem. The Gmail synced quite well with the K3, therefore I need to goto my PC to enter new contact then it will sync to the group I assigned to properly.

    Do you have any idea how to reset the default “save contact” feature in K3?


    1. This is due to the ROM you have installed on your device. If you are not able to change it via settings then there must be some lag in the ROM.
      PS – You can wait until sim storage gets full. πŸ˜›

    2. Hi Thanks for info

      I don’t seem to have “feature settings”, I go to setting and try and locate it to enable double tap feature as per your instruction but can’t see it……………Am I looking in the right area……Settings – feature settings??

      1. Yes, you are looking in the right area Steve.
        Go to Settings > Feature settings > Knock to light, and it will enable double tap feature on your K3 note.
        Thanks. Stay tuned.

  39. Hi Vishal,

    I’m not able to connect my K3 Note to LG Smart TV using USB connection. I was doing same thing my previous Nokia Lumia. Can you suggest what to do??

  40. Hi,
    I’m having problem in receiving fb messenger. I cannot see any notification appear on screen. I can only receive a message in facebook when i open the application.

    Please help me on how to set this.

    Thank you

  41. How to root my lenovo k3 note without help of pc

    1. Download Kingroot app from playstore it one click root app

  42. Hi.
    My k3 note is brand new. I dint chk speakers. Sound is not coming..im tensed.is it any driver issue? In headfones sound is fine

  43. Bro…when i am k3 note user..and i am unable to use space while renaming my hotspot…i can’t give space..can anyone help me here??

  44. Call log is displayed as empty.How can I fix it?

    1. Try to reset your phone.
      Hope it helps.

  45. I want to change fonts of my lenoko K3 note…. I installed Go launcher still not working… there is no tab as “Preferences” please help

    1. Go launcher does not change all your font, but only in limited areas.
      You may try other methods listed here

  46. Is there a setting to change the time before the screen backlight switches off or the phone sleeps or locks? The screen shuts off after just a couple of seconds of inactivity, and it is an irritation to have to keep on tapping every 2 seconds even when you are browsing/reading on the phone. Is there a way to increase the time before backlight goes off? Thanks in advance.

    1. You need to adjust the sleep time of your screen.
      Go to Settings > Lock screen > sleep.
      Thanks. Stay tuned.

  47. Hi Vishal,

    Please check am not connect my Lenovo k3 note mobile to my sony lcd tv,as per given error showing(not readable) so how i connect & watch movies through my smart phone???

  48. when returning from “Ultimate power saver mode”, accessibility settings automatically get reset.,( i.e. Accessibility services get turned off automatically, which were turned on before entering in power saver mode.)

  49. How to change task menu in lenovo k3 note

  50. Is Double tap screen off option available in k3 note?…if not available plz suggest a solution .

  51. how to turn on light in Leovo k3 note down side where three touch button is shown i.e 1st is menu 2nd for home butto 3rd is back button.

  52. My lenovo k3 note screen has been broken. Please tell me which brand of touch screen is best replacement for my cell phone…

    Thanks in advance….

  53. How can I change font in lenovo k 3note…I HV download font app…BT in setting I can’t set that

  54. Im using lenovo k3 note,so far it’s working fine…but I need to know whether I can disable the notification bar swipe down when the device is locked?coz on the right corner there’s an icon to switch users(in this anyone can change the user or create a new user with out knowing the password,and use the fon,…is there any way to remove the switch user icon from lock screen notification bar,or is der any way to stop the notification bar swiping down when the device is locked….hope u ll give a rply???

  55. Hi,
    in my mobile 3G not connected, even i have 3G data Plan, it shows H,H+ symbol but not connected
    and one more thing , there’s two modes OWER and GUEST whats use of it and how can change settings for ower mode coz 3G data not connected in Owers Mode otherwise its working good in GUEST mode pis suggest, thank you

  56. Hi I am using lenovo k3 note …I my phone Dolby atomas is nt working properly …tel me any solution for tis problem …….

    1. Use Walkman application for music………..

      1. How to install walkman app in lenovo k3 note

  57. Can we minimize app icon size in lenovo k3 note?

  58. How to change message font size… its looks too large…

  59. I can’t find ceramic speaker option in settings plz help me I have lenovo k3 note music edition

  60. Hello sir, maine applock apne k3 note me installed kiya h jb m app lock krne ke liye use krta hu to sath me mera phone setting bhi lock ho jata h… Aur m jitne bar setting kholta hu bar bar password dalna pdta h…. plzzzz help me for this irritated problem….

  61. how can change fonts in lenovo k3note………

  62. How to activate voice commands on my Lenovo K3 note?

  63. How to change the way to take incoming calls?

  64. just press valume low and high button.

  65. I hv changed the theme from theme centre. Now I am not getting all apps through menu button. How to get it? Or else how to go back to default theme?

  66. How can I lock only messaging app in lenovo vibe k4 note?
    I HV tried vault, app lock, cm security..
    Bt when I lock messaging, automatically phone call and contacts also get locked. I only want to lock messaging.
    Plz help me

  67. How to change the font style….???

  68. How to change the font style in lenovo k3 note….?

  69. some of the numbers blockedby me now i want to unblock it how can it possible

  70. Can we make gestures in lenovo k50a40 ??

  71. How to change font size of text messages in lenovo k3 note?

    1. Hai Nikhil,
      With permission from dear Vishal,
      You can just pinch in or pinch out to view your messages as with big or small fonts.

  72. in my handset(k3 note) double tap is not responsible.which situation they don’t work,who I can enabled?? plz help

  73. Hi Vishal
    menu and back button of my lenovo k3 note is not working …can u suggest me to resolve this issue

  74. how to make smart lock able in k3 note

  75. how to create new gestures

  76. Hello bro I am not able to use face lock in my lenovo k3 note please help me

  77. How to take selfee by clicking side volume button in lenovo k3 mobile

  78. Hi, menu and back button of my lenovo k3 note is not working …plz suggest solutions

  79. Hii, I’m using Nova launcher in lenevo k3 note, android marshmallows. I’m not able to see my call log timing. Plz help.

    1. You just need to go to recent calls > tap on the call id > select call details.

  80. Mr. Vishal which all will b d best to hide images and apps……plzzz suggest

  81. Hi my camera always showing error that size is not available I have checked in storage there is 4 GB space still there & SD card also have 3 GB still it shows the same ple help

  82. How to change font in lenovo k3 note?

  83. Sir in my lenevo k3 note the smart lock lock option is not working properly. I have tried face unlocking but it’s not working.plz give me some suggestions.

  84. In my new lenovo k3 volume buttons is not working how to fix it

  85. Hi,

    After updatiion of andriod 6 in lenovo k3 note, Unable to view the block message.

    But in previous andriod 5 able to view the block message.
    Please check and resolve the same.

  86. How can we hide an app without applock

  87. I want to changefonts in my Lenovo k3 note not only in menu also in messages and Whatsapp how can I do so

  88. Hlw sr…….i have been using lenovok3 note for a month now…mostly it is ok but smtimes many of the features dont work like ….double tap wake doesn’t works smtimes …and there are other problms like smtimes the keys don’t work when i touch them…….what should i do so that the features inbuilt like double tap wake work properly….
    Or have i made a mistake purchasin such a faulty phone?

  89. I hope an answr ASAP

  90. My phone back button and launcher button is not working..very frustrated to work..plz help me

  91. Hi there, whenever I try to enter “Character Setting” in my K3 phone, it appeared “Unfortunetly, setting has stopped”. Please help me πŸ™

  92. On startup the phone always shows message application and notification bar is not working

  93. How to change the whether location. I located in Houston Texas. The Lenovo K3 only shows some cities in China.
    Can’t change or add other location.

  94. Hayi can’t change my recived call string .it’s answering mode is up end calls and down is answering button but I need it that left and rght

  95. Hey i have lenovo k3 note and i am.facing a problem that my lock screen theme function is not working its just been 6mnths now….. Pls.help with the solution

  96. When I am draw the pattern to unlock tha screen it is directly opening get into the message inbox .How to change this setting….pls telll

  97. How to turn device contents on home screen in Lenovo k4 Note. On other screens when running an app screen turns, but it does not turn on Home Screen. Please help.

    PLZZ HELP!!!!

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    I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally?
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    1. Thanks for visiting & stay tuned for latest updates.

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