Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB

Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB

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Here we have the much-awaited review of the Kingston Data Traveller Ultimate GT (2TB). We know all you guys are excited about the review. Without much delay let’s get straight to the review part. So here we go…

Over the years, USB storage capacities are becoming increasingly important. Kingston puts the bar high with the Data Traveler Ultimate GT and its 2TB of space. It is a great innovation for the computer field. This is the first USB stick that provides a huge storage space more than the majority of external SSDs. However, his tariff is not within the reach of all the scholarships, because he asks a sum of 1800 € for his purchase.

Introducing the Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB

The Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB is the equivalent of 31 keys of 64 GB of current average size. Same for 256000 JPEG photos of 24 megapixels, that is 4K videos realized in 70 hours. It has all the possible values to make dreamers of compulsive data, comes in a tin box complete with a cable converter and a small carry bag.

The Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB has a thickness of more than 2 cm. Its weak point is detected fairly quickly in contact with the laptop since it raises it is created an imbalance. Given that it is impossible to use it at the same time as many devices dedicated to standard keys, its manufacturer has provided a small USB extender of 10 cm at the most so that its use is not binding.

Made of metal, the Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB is very robust. It’s pocket-sized, impact-resistant zinc alloy case, unparalleled playback, and writing speeds. This sliding model has a good protection, which is the sliding part of its body used for sliding. Therefore, you can not disassemble the key to perform any study of its parts and assembly chips. Its brightness is not too disturbing, the presence of a blinking blue LED during any read or write access is of great help to its user.

Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB Specifications

  • Capacity:- 2 TB
  • USB:- 3.0
  • Write Rate (Manufacturer Data): 200 Mo/S
  • Reading Rate (manufacturer data ):- 300 Mo/S
  • Additional functions:- High transfer rate


The Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB offers USB 3.1 Gen 1 speeds faster than traditional external hard drives. It allows users to access, modify and transfer all their files without fear of speed and performance.

Highlights of the Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB

  • Reading rate
  • Write speed
  • Solid construction
  • Compact size
  • Five-year warranty.

The strengths of the Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT 2TB

  • Dimensions due to its thickness
  • Transfer rate of several files of average size to be checked
  • Very expensive
  • It’s small but overly thick
  • Lacking in performance compared to rival tech.

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  1. Nice. Thanks for letting me know about this. We are taking off on a long travel soon and need to be able to store all our videos and pictures on something portable along the way. Will need to check into this more

  2. I cant recall when was the last time I purchased one. Nice sharing but its a bit big and bulky for my taste.


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