Jio VS Airtel Which one is best.

Jio VS Airtel Which one is best.

Jio vs Airtel: the money question:

Right now Jio is unbeatable. Its free offer enables it to gain high ground among network operators.

But Airtel is not all that bad anymore. After it slashed tariffs indirectly by offering more with every add-on pack, its rates have become competitive. Among Airtel’s postpaid plans, the basic one costs Rs 145 and gives you free Airtel-to-Airtel calls and 300MB data. It’s Infinity postpaid plans offer unlimited voice calls over any network, free incoming calls on national roaming in India, 100 SMS per day and 3GB 4G data for a bill of Rs 549 plus taxes.

In fact Airtel will not look that expensive come April.

What happens in April:

Reliance plans to charge you for Jio data usage starting 1st April 2017. Packs to be purchased for prepaid start at Rs 19 per day for 100MB or Rs 499 for 28 days for 4GB data among others, which go as high as Rs 4999. Postpaid billing starts at Rs 149 with 300MB data and going up to Rs 4999.

All calls remains free on even After March 31 2017, including roaming to any network. And so does the SMS service. Jio wins for now, but after April (possibly) it appears to be only slightly cheaper than Airtel for packs of Rs 499 and above. It may offer a reduced tariff but for now there is no such information. When Jio was launched, the tariff difference between what it planned to ask for from consumers and the prices charged by Airtel was much bigger. But now, the money part almost seems the same.

Advantage and disadvantages of Jio:

Free stuff: The best thing about Jio is the free stuff that it offers. No other telecom operator can beat that right now. Just a recap, you get free 1GB data every day, free local or STD calls, even when you are roaming India and free messages. After March 31st, Reliance might take away the free data ration, but unlimited calls and messages continue to remain free.

Call quality and data speed: Agreed that network strength is Jio’s biggest disappointments. But when it connects, it works wonderfully. Call quality using VoLTE is amazing, especially when you are calling a Jio number. The background noise is fully controlled and you hear good voice quality. Data speeds are also at par with Airtel and Vodafone, with high res YouTube videos stream without buffering when you are getting good signals.

Network issues: But there are problems too. Jio users face a lot of network problems. Move to indoors, basements, sub-urban areas or even on the open road, Jio network often vanishes.

Connectivity issues: Jio is famous (or rather infamous) for its connectivity issues. Many a times, even when the phone receives network, it is unable to place a call. Only rock solid patience and unwavering spirit can get you through.

Advantage and disadvantages of AirtelReliability: One area where you can expect Airtel to have an upper hand, be it compared to Jio or otherwise, is its network coverage. It spans over a wide area in the country and there are very few places where you will not be able to make a call (while others can).

Expensive: But there are issues too. You are paying for your data with Airtel, and that is expensive compared to the free Jio right now. And before Airtel’s new “free data” offer, you have been paying heavily. After Jio was launched officially, Airtel announced that it will also offer free calls . But it is not free and comes with conditions.

Call Quality: Being expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Airtel connections, depending on the circle, suffer call drops quite frequently. The call quality isn’t great either on 3G or 2G networks


Both Airtel and Jio have their own set of compromises. So which one should you keep?If you don’t care for the service quality right now, go ahead with Jio. When Airtel announces free offers they are anything but free. But if you have a 4G LTE enabled handset, you need not pay anything for calling the rest of your life with Jio.


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