iPhone 7 Plus 5 Best Tips &Tricks (2017)

Yes! So now you have unboxed the shiny new iPhone 7 but you might not be familiar with the ecosystem or you might just show off to your friends that you are a Pro in the Apple ecosystem, if such is the case with you then your search is over as these are the Top 5 Tips and Tricks on your Shiny new iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

iPhone 7 Plus Tips & Tricks

1. Siri for photos
Yes, the newest iPhone with latest iOS 10 has the New and improved Siri which is clever then ever but did you know that you can use Siri to get the precise photo that you want just by asking for that you have to enable Siri and ask for EX: “Show me my photos with mountains” and Siri will Sort the pictures and show you the exact pictures that you want isn’t that cool..!
2. Low quality pictures

I understand you have a JIO Sim and so you need every photo that is sent to you but sometimes the high Resolution pictures can eat all your phone’s space especially if you have the Base 32GB Storage but there is a solution for which you should head-on over to SettingsMessagesEnable Low quality image mode and from now whenever you get any picture it will get downloaded in low but usable quality which will help a Ton of space on your iPhone..,

3. Rest finger to Unlock (Same as iOS 9)
I know I know iPhone 7 has the New Home button which you feel CooL but no matter how much the Tactic engine gives you haptic feedback, it is really annoying to tap the home button and then Rest your finger to Unlock the Smartphone but this feature will let you go back to the Good old days of iOS 9 where you can just Rest your finger on the home button and it will automatically unlock the Smartphone without you needing to press the Home button for that you have to Head on over to SettingsGeneralAccessibilityHome buttonEnable Rest Finger to open and you’re Good to go..,
4. Book an Uber directly from Maps

Yes! I know it’s frustratingly hard to Book a cab to the desired destination when you are in a hurry, but not anymore as now you can directly book an Uber cab from the default Maps app for that just head on over to Mapssearch for the place that you are looking forand when you Get that you will get some options to reach there one among them will be a Ride option which will let you Book a cab to the desired location from the very default Maps app..!

5. Magnifier

Everyone knows that the newest iPhones have one of the best Cameras on the market but did you know you can use your iPhone to help see what’s far from you in other words magnify whatever you want,  (especially helpful in the plus Variant) for that head on to SettingsGeneralAccessibilityEnable Magnifierand from now when ever you triple click the home button it will open the Rear Camera and will let you magnify to a crazy amount.

So, there you have the Top 5 tips and tricks on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus but these are just Some Tips and Tricks that will help you in making your iPhone experience better..,but you might know some other Tips and Tricks that will help us in making the iPhone experience even better, Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below and Help us out with some sharing on your favourite Social Medias..!

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