iPhone 7 everything you need to know!

iPhone 7

I know, I know iPhone 7 is going to release Tomorrow, but there might be many Geek’s couriosly waiting to know about the device even before it’s announced so this Blog is entirely dedicated to people like those,

So Starting off.,

iPhone 7 is confirmed but one of the most known leaker ‘Min Chee Kuo’ has confirmed that the previous dummy or prototype that has been floating around on the internet for a while will be the real deal, and so with that we confirm that there will be No Headphone jack, So get used to it.,

Moving on.., Min Chee Kuo, even gives us numbers about the ‘GHz’ speed of the ‘Apple A10 Chip’ and he says it will be upto 2.4 GHz and that’s quite impressive considering the older A9 chip has 1.85 GHz and is insanely fast so, this will be Next level, and to give you an idea it is the biggest GHz jump that had ever happend on any iphone,. WoW!
And the excitement is not done Yet! As the iPhone 7 plus will have exclusively 3GB RAM and that is a big deal as older iPhones with 2GB or even 1GB RAM has Great memory management and is a champ in multitasking but more Power is always appreciated.!

And also the storage has been confirmed at Base 32GB to all the way up to 128GB & 256GB! (So, bye bye 16GB)
And YES! There more excitement as there will be 2 New colours, Namely

1. Dark black (instead of ‘Space grey’)
2. Piano black

There will be some improvements in Display Tech as Such all the features (Ex. True tone) if the newer iPad’s will come to the iPhone 7. And it will even support p3 color Gamutt (The same as New iMac).
Moving on to the Camera’s,
There will be ofcourse 12MP sensor on the back but the iPhone 7 plus will have Dual 12MP Cameras and it will hand Optical zoom aswell and this time around there will be 4 flashes (2 for cool + 2 for warm colors) instead of 2 on the previous iterations, and the Camera app will be Light field it means we will have a near DSLR like control over the image..!

And this time unlike previous iterations there will be differences in the packages of the iPhone’s, as such there will be option to choose between Lighting Earpods or Lighting Airpods with about 2 hours if battery life..!

And the next leak is something that is kind of a disappointment for me but maybe not, as one of the major rumour that iPhone 7 will finally have Dual speakers is not true! apparently the Dual speaker grills is for aesthetics and there will be only one speaker but with improved sound quality with a new ‘AMP’, and if you are wondering what is the Second Speaker grill on point on functionality and here is where Apple says that it has put a whole New ‘ForceTouch’ Sensor for better force touch input on the display.,

As the iPhone 7 will have a slight change in the proximity sensor tech and Apple ID moving away from the LCD Tech to Laser Tech with which there will be better recognition and it can even be for some Gesture controls..!

And the final leak is Something that I have been waiting for for quite sometime as the new iPhone 7 will have IPX7 water Resistance, however it will not have dust protection and the water certification is not had quite as level as the Samsung’s new Flagship’s but it’s still a major improvement over the last Generation and this will apparently protect the iPhone from 1 meter of water for about 30 minutes however we will not suggest you in doing so but if you have to iPhone is there, as it is on power with the ‘Apple watch’

And So, what do you think about all the possible leaks of the iPhone 7 and are you excited or underwhelmed by the leaks Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below!

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