How To Increase Traffic On Your Website Using Long Tail Keywords

If you have a Blog/Website or you are planning to start one then you probably know that there are 2 Prominent Aspects of Search Engine Optimization that we need to consider for writing a successful blog and to Gain a lot of traffic, one being to Attract a lot of visitors the second being Converting them into Readers, Buyers and finally Subscribers. And the best Way or lets say the right strategy to achieve such a goal is to nothing but to use Long-tail keywords.
So today we are going to stress on this topic to help you increase traffic on your Blog/Website and do let your SEO do the double duty, as these are the golden tips of How to increase traffic on your website using Long tail keywords.,

Increase Traffic on Your Blog/Website Using Long Tail Keywords

Before getting on to the subject of how to increase traffic and other stuff let first discuss what Long-tail keywords, actually mean?
Search queries are nothing but the phrases used by a very particular group of products or information and so while writing a blog is just short and generic but using such types of phrases for representing a bold EX: Blog Writing for dummies is much more particularly and is a conversation starter,
The Long-tail keywords are actually many times forgotten mines of gold in a SEO point of view as they don’t generate tons of traffic individually and their volume of search is very little when compared to generic searched terms as a result the no of visitors these type of keywords attracts is just marginal.
As we are done discussing what a Ling-tail keyword mean lets now dive into our next topic i.e., How to increase traffic on your Website/Blog.
Competitive or small keyword phrases actually work in favor but if you optimize every single page and later post it on your website using at least one long tail keywords instead of all the smaller searches eventually add up to an enormous size, just to compare competitive core keywords make up to 18% of total searches in contrast the Long-tail traffic accounts for a whopping 70% of the total Searches traffic which is why we are stressing on the former.
If you just want visitors on your website then competitive keywords are fine but believe us visitors are nothing worth of as they just read one or two blogs and will never come back but when it comes to Long-tail keywords the whole Moto is to generate a healthy conversation which will eventually help your blog to gain a lot of active readers not just visitors.
But? How does Long-tail keywords actually help you get a lot of traffic on your website.
Specific or competitive search phrases show precisely what the audience want which is referred to as “user intent” and so when you know what exactly your audience want you can tailor accordingly and present them the right products, pages or lets say posts.
But users who opt for long-tail keywords are already in a mood of buying or lets say they are ready to buy and theses type of audience don’t need pictures, or reviews they just want to get them.

How to find the Best Long-tail Search Phrases.

A couple of keyword tools we suggest are,
The Google Keyword Planner Tool, it is one of the most reputable but it isn’t perfect as sometimes it can be a hit or a miss as whenever you try to discover a specific keyword it doesn’t exactly pull the required data which can be a bit of annoying.
The other and probably the best keywords tool must be the Ubersuggest, which we whole heartedly recommend as it returns hundreds of long-tail keyword ideas plus for more ideas to explore but it isn’t perfect either as it doesn’t show the search volume so it requires you to perform additional research for particular result, either way theses tools will definitely help you in gaining more readers and possibly convert them into Subscribing to your Blog/Website.
There you have it a quick look at all the golden tips for How to increase traffic on your website using Long-tail keywords, So do you think the above tips will help you in growing your blog in any way, do let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your favorite Social Networks.

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