Huawei Honor 8 Tips and Tricks

Although many will that Honor 8 is slightly expensive Smartphone but it is undeniable that many will agree that it is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite Smartphone that you can buy at this price Segment either way if you decide to buy it, you will definitely want to use it in its full potential and for that you would have to read these Tips and Tricks and so these are the Top 5 Tips and Tricks for the brand new Huawei Honor 8.

Best 5 Huawei Honor 8 Tips and Tricks

1. Enable floating dock.

Although there are three touch capacitive buttons and an option to add one but sometimes you might need an another quick dock or let’s say smart assistance for quick use, for which you would have to head-on over to Settingssmart assistanceFloating Dock and then enable it and by which you can easily Go back, multi task,  close all apps or even take a screenshot by the dock so is very helpful in many scenario’s.

2. Customize the Capacitive buttons.

As you might be familiar by now that Honor 8 comes with capacitive touchscreen buttons or On Screen buttons so you have the flexibility to switch the format or the side or even had any other toggle that offers for which you would have to head-on over to Settingssmart assistancenavigation buttons and Choose what you want and you can even add an option to drag the quick toggles by the option..,

3. Knuckles slide for multi window.
As the name suggests knuckles to slide is one of the weird feature that Emotion UI (user interface) offers for which you would have to just slide on your home screen but with your knuckle which will activate the multi window feature by which you can easily run most of the apps side-by-side although it is subjective if you feel it useful but we feel is it will be quite useful in scenario’s where you would have to drag and drop any text or something like pasting a link.

4. Double knock for Screenshot.

This trick is something that is actually not a trick but a quick way that you can take screenshot for which you can just knock on your phone to take a screenshot although it is subjective that will it be awkward for you in public to knock at your Smartphone screen or not if it’s is not then you can use as it is there when you needed it.

5. Drop up for Toggles from lockscreen.

As you all know Honor is a subsidiary of huawei and so it is a cliche that you will find Emotion UI across the board and so you cannot find the quick toggle at the top as you will find on any other android device so you have to swipe from the very bottom for the quick toggle even while you are in the lock screen.

So, there you have it all the tips and tricks that will help you in getting better experience out of your device but these are not all so are there any that you might feel should be considered here in this list is yes then let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your favourite social medias.

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