How To Update Xiaomi Mi5, Mi4, Redmi 2 And More in Android Netulla (7.0)

Upgrade Your Xiaomi Phones in Android Nutella (7.0)

Google has just introduced the newest version of Android named as 7.0 Nutella.The updates have been sent to NEXUS series.The name and features are not yet confirmed because this version is still in BETA stage.The biggest rumors listened about the new android version 7.0 Nutella till now is that it doesn’t come with an APP DRAWER.The design of this version is confirmed.If you want to upgrade your Xiaomi Devices into Android Nutella 7.0 there are some simple steps to do this with your device.

Install Android Nutella (7.0) on Xiaomi Smartphone:-

  1. First of all Download theme from Here
  2. After download the theme go to File manager.
  3. Find Miui folder and open it.
  4. In the Miui folder you will find sub folders.
  5. Open the folder named as theme and paste the theme you have downloaded earlier.
  6. Reboot your device.
  7. After the device is rebooted,go to the app drawer  and open the folder of themes.
  8. Options will be seen,click on offline.
  9. The earlier downloaded theme will appear in the offline folder.
  10. Choose “apply the theme”.
  11. ¬†And that’s it.

So this is my article on How To Update Xiaomi Device in Android 7.0 Nutella for more article stay tuned with us.

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