How To Turn Off iPhone X, XS, XS MAX & XR

How to turn off iPhone X

iPhone X is the greatest innovation among st all models of iPhone. Each iPhone has a unique and specific way to use it effectively. iPhone X is superior and latest among st all, So people found little difficulty in “How to turn off iPhone X

It’s pretty simple, just follow these easy steps and you’re done.

How to turn off iPhone X(With Buttons)

  1. At the same time, press and hold the side button(known as sleep/wake button) and the volume button(up+) OR (-down), according to your comfort.
  2. Release your fingers from both the buttons(side and volume) when the slider(shutdown) option appears.
iPhone XS
  • The last step is slide to the right to “Switch off your iPhone XS” 
iPhone turn off

Don’t keep holding or pressing those buttons again and again because it will leads to Emergency SOS feature.

How to turn off Your Device (Without Buttons)

  1. Open Settings in your iPhone.
  2. Select General from there.
  3. Scroll down and simply tap on Shut Down.
iPhone Screen

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iPhone Setting
  • Again slide to power off.

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