How to Prevent CAPTCHA Requests from Websites

CAPTCHA Prevention

CAPTCHA requests are nowadays flooded in our browsers in order to gain access to the websites. These CAPTCHA requests are annoying and can make your browsing experience bitter. We all want these requests to be removed in order to save time as well as to reduce frustration.


Captcha requests are made to check whether the user is a human or bot.

  • To make sure the user is not trying to do harm to the website in any manner.
  • To check whether the requests are genuine and not Automated Traffic.

Automated Traffic

  • Searches from bots, computer program, automated service or search scraper.
  • Software which sends search requests to google to see ranking of websites on google.

How to Prevent CAPTCHA

  • Make sure you have an Anti-Virus, updated and enabled.
  • You should enable the Real-Time monitoring of your Anti-Virus to detect spywares.
  • Check your computer for malicious softwares, bundles downloads which can arise CAPTCHA request.
  • If you  are sure your computer is safe and still these requests show up, contact your service administrator to remove the unknown traffic source.


You should not get annoyed with these requests  as for every CAPTCHA you enter you are contributing in digitization of the books.


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