How To Fix Screen Overlay Error (2019)

If you are one of them who have come across “screen overlay detected” and you are looking for the solution then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we will provide you a complete guide on how to fix screen overlay error, this is a step by step guide which you can follow and easily counter your screen overlay error.

Why do you get the “screen overlay detected?

Android pops you with a warning that a screen overlay is been detected, this happen when you are running any sort of floating app. since these floating apps come with the feature of chat heads like Facebook messenger which appears floating above other apps.

There are many user who have come across this problem and many of the Samsung and Motorola users have reported this problem on the internet, this problem is replicated using Drupe, but some of the apps like ES file Explorer, CleanMaster, Lux and twilight are examples of the apps which cause this problem

Guide to solve the android screen overlay detected the problem

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Step 1

“Screen overlay detected” now as you get this dialogue displayed, the first thing you have to do is find out the app which has the permission to draw over the screen. In order to do that

  1. go in your mobile phone settings
  2. you will be shown this a magnifying glass at the top right side of your smartphone screen
  3. you have to search for the “draw” in your search bar
  4. Then tap on the “draw over the other app” option that you will find after your search has been completed.

If you are a Samsung user then the process of how to turn off screen overlay is a bit different

  1. you have to open your settings
  2. and then you have to open the Application Manager
  3. after you have open the Application Manager you will be able to find open for More clicking on that you will find the Apps that can appear on the top

Step 2

In the next step of to fix the “android screen overlay detected” problem, you have to check the app permissions. As you have click on the “draw over the other app” you will get a list of apps that have permission in order to use floating buttons. Now your work is to find out which app has the problem and temporarily deny its permission to draw over the screen. Now in order to do that

  1. If you are able to see any app which bubbles up on your screen, then this the certain app which is causing the problem. Now all you have to do it that either you can hide the app bubble or you can disable the app in your list
  2. check for the app which you have installed that can change the colors on the display or which is able to adjust the brightness
  3. Clean Master of the app which causes this type of problem, if you have Clean Master on your list that disables it

Step 3

 In the third step you can re-try the app, now close the settings and try to launch the app again and this time it should request permissions without android screen overlay detected.

Again for all the Samsung users, this has been observed that one-handed keyboard settings could be the root cause. Now in order to deactivate it

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Where you will find an option for an advance feature, click on the advanced features.
  3. In the advance features you will find One-Handed operation.

Step 4

This step is dedicated for reactive screen overlays, if you want your apps that you have disabled to work again all you have to do is to re-enable the permission for overlay. This is the best practice give permission to only those apps which are worth having it and are important.

Safe mode

If the step given above don’t work well then there is one more additional step that you can try and fix the screen overlay detected issue. In this step you have to use the Safe mode which manages the apps permissions

In order to use this feature you have to remember all the apps which are having this issue

  1. press the power button and hold it so that you will pop up with the prompt
  2. You have to continue pressing for some time. and you will be popped up with asking to enable the Safe mode
  3. click ok, which will start the rebooting process
  4. after your phone is turned on you have to go to the settings and then in setting you have to choose the options for the app. Scroll down and find the app which is facing the problem
  5. On the permission page, enable all the permission for all the apps which are asking for permission. and after you have done this reboot your phone again and again

Check your phone and you will find that your “screen overlay detected” has been fixed!!!

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