How To Connect iPhone To Samsung Smart TV Via Bluetooth

Sometimes the devices like iPad or iPhone have a very small screen to display any photo or video it is easy enough to connect your devices( mobile or iPad) with smart tv. Smart TV is like a smartphone that has internet connectivity and found 60 channels. Smart TV work like smartphone-like features and connectivity to the internet resembles a smartphone. Similarly, the iPhone is Apple made combined with different computers, digital cameras, and cellular phones in one device the iOS operating system runs on the iPhone and 2.2 million apps. 

iPhone discovered by apple in 2007 is the first iPhone but never introduced to the public level. So it was not known as the first iPhone. Bluetooth is of 4.0 protocol. Bluetooth is the short-range that connects to another device to your phone and helps to transfer material from one device to another. 

Now The Concern Is How To Connect iPhone To Samsung Smart TV Via Bluetooth?

People like smartphones as well as smart TV too. Today in market different brands of smart TV available like LG, SONY and SAMSUNG smart TV. Everyone has a wish to seen their videos on smart tv from their iPhone because of its outstanding screen. By using these ways you can connect your iPhone with your smart tv.

1. Lightening Digital TV Adapter

2. All cast for personal media files

3. Apple TV

4. Video and TV Cast

5. Google chrome cast

Lightning Digital TV Adapter

Lightning Digital TV Adapter used in iPhone, iPad, and iPod on by digital connecter. It is a cable that connects your iPhone to the smart TV. The mirroring of apps, presentations, websites, slideshows on the big screen which is 1080p HD. You can attach this device by a cable with a Lightning digital AV adapter and then with the TV via HDMI cables. The adapter has two versions one

  • Lightning device 
  • Older devices with 30 pin dock connector 
  • It supports the audio and video on your phone. These steps help you to connect the device with the iPhone. 
  • Connect AV Adapter with your device 
  • Connect HDMI cable with adapter 
  • Other ends of HDMI cable connect to your Samsung device 
  • Turn on and select the program from HDMI 

All Cast For Personal Media File

All Cast For Personal Media File All cast Program work with smart TV but If you do not have a smart TV then do not worry you have still the ability to send videos, audios, and photographs saved on your iPhone. This is an advance system that works with those devices which support DLNA renderings such as chrome cast and amazon fire tv. On installing All cast discovered the device and then perform like iOS. 

Apple TV

Apple TV You can watch your audio and video on the big screen of your smart tv high-quality HD videos 1080p HD. You can watch your marriage videos or any other function or tour videos. Sound quality maintained by Dolby digital plus sound. Fine quality due to digital A8 chip. You can search by speaking and use it with your iPhone. 

Video and TV cast

Video and TV Cast Your TV and phone perform the function at the same network you can add audio, video, and photos on the screen and control it by your phone it is your remote as well. 

Google chrome cast

Google chrome cast is a digital media player introduced by google. This device has small dongles and cables that will attach your phone with a high-quality TV screen. All those apps which were installed in chrome cast will help to google in performance. Two different apps used in the smart TV one is Mirror for Samsung TV other is Mirror for LG TV. Their hardware and design is more advance having generations; 

• 1ST 

• 2nd 

• 3rd 

• Chromecast audio 

• Chromecast extra 

Kodi media server app work in chromecast and stick will play video on your tv screen by using the airplay button. 

DLNA app

DLNA is a generic form of media streaming that will be available to different manufacturer products. Although you are not limited to connect only your iPhone you can connect other media files like your PC and other TV. Sometimes the app does not show on the TV screen than in this situation, you can activate the DLNA function. 

When you are free from watching videos or you want to stop the videos simply tap the red bar on top of your screen and open the mirror app and stop broadcasting. 


• Some features are not discovered in iOS 10 for that purpose iOS 12 is required. 

• Between the smart TV and mirror delay is 1-3 seconds. 

• The free puffin browser helps in enable sound during browsing. 

• Netflix block mirroring for DRM purposes. 

• These all apps in the article is only for LG and Samsung smart TV.

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