How Parents Can Protect Teen from Facebook Evils?

Just a few days back, Facebook was down and the users faced serious issues. It took many hours to recover the site and still many users were facing problems. There are reports that Facebook is being sued and will be investigated for this. Users are not happy with what it did to them. And the interesting part was Facebook’s shared decreased after this chaos.

This was not the first time Facebook did this to the users. It has been doing even worse with the users. It was reportedly involved in leaking the private data of the users, giving third parties access to the user messages and shared the other details with those companies.

All this was done for making money. Apart from this, Facebook is never a safe social site for teens and even every user.

It is sad to learn that it is not just Facebook. The same is case with most of the social media sites and dating apps. Privacy has become a non-serious issue for the companies. These websites become the champions of privacy and user data protection but they are the first offenders. There is one exception to this and that is Apple, which has done a lot to protect user data.

Why Should Parents Protect Teens from Facebook?

There is no doubt that Facebook has a number of security issues and dangers for the young children and teens. The site is under extreme pressure these days for not doing much to control the dangers, content shared on the site and how the site is used for risky things. Even Facebook CEO has called for new regulations to control the tech giants. That shows Facebook has failed to curb the dangers and provide users with a safe social platform.

Facebook has half of the world population on the platform. With this, the teams find it hard to manage things. They have used AI to detect pernicious content and deal with it. The recent example of New Zealand shooter shows it was not in the control of the website to prevent streaming of such a massacre. Apart from this, the site possesses a number of other threats to the users. Teens and kids are the worst users. Cyberbullying, sexting, predators, sex offenders and sugar daddies are the few other examples when it comes to the dangers of Facebook.

We are going to talk about what kind of evils it possesses for the teens and how parents can deal with them.

Educate Your Teens

Dealing with Facebook dangers is not really easy. It starts from small and goes to the bigger steps. The first thing parents can do in order to protect their children from these dangers is to educate them about the new tech, new tools and online risks of the internet.

Parents can further educate their kids about the dangers associated with kids. What kind of content they should see, who they should add as friends, what they should share and what not- all this should be part of education for the teens?

Set the Age Limit

For many people it is will be surprising to learn that the executive and most of the top people working with tech companies don’t provide their kids with tech gadgets and smartphones. Why? Just because they understand these dangers better than anyone.

When it comes to the use of social media and Facebook, there should be an age limit. Teens below 10 should not be given smartphones and tablets. Even if they are provided, there should be limits. Moreover, kids older than 10 should use their devices and internet with instruction on what to see.

Talk about Facebook Dangers

Facebook has never been safe for teens. Many criminals and killers live-streamed videos of offenses and mass murders. Some kids have committed suicide and they live-streamed all this on Facebook. What else we can talk about the dangers of this social media site.

Bullying, adult content, sexting, dating, and many other things are some of the products of this social media site. Most of American teens are bullied in their life when they use Facebook. For this reason, many have stopped using this site and switched to the other social sites.

Make Rules for Internet Use

When you have to deal with the dangers of Facebook, deal with the internet first. The Internet is what provides regular access to social sites including Facebook. So parents need to introduce rules regarding the use of the internet when they are at home.

All family members, young, kids, and adults should follow these rules regarding the internet. Kids and teens should be given smartphones and the internet when they are free and have done away with their homework.

Use Parental Control Options

The next option for parents should be to use the spyware app on the devices of their kids. For example, parents can restrict access to the adult content; Hack Facebook messages & some social sites, porn sites and the similar by activating parental control options.

spyware app
spyware app

Get a Teen Monitoring App

The use of monitoring app for dealing with online dangers of the internet and social media is rife. Parents should use this option. All they need is to install an android spy app on the phone of their teens. With such an app, like BlurSPY, parents will have better control over their kids.

The parents can track calls, text messages for sexting, live locations of the teens to know about their whereabouts and social media apps and sites. This will surely help out the parenting these apps to protect their kids from the Facebook evils as well as dangers of other social sites. Parents will also feel relaxed and better about the safety of their kids.


Protecting teens from the Facebook dangers is the need of the time. Parents need to understand their children, educate them about the dangers of the site and use different options including a parental control software to track their kids and improve digital parenting.

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