What Happens If I Charge My Smartphone Overnight

It’s is an age old question and Some even Call it a ‘Myth‘ as it is till date unknown Whether Charging your Smartphone over night will hurt your Battery or Not.? But not anymore.,As today we have decided to Solve this So called ‘Myth‘..!

But before that Let me tell you that the Short answer to the question is ‘NOTHING‘ Yes! Nothing happens if you Charge your Smartphone Overnight as modern day Smartphone’s have “Lithium-Ion” or Lithium-Polymer Batteries Compared to Nickel which Duracell or Other common batteries have as we have Ditched Nickel in favour of Lithium Batteries in the early 2000’s as Nickel batteries had the tendency of “Sick leak Memory” Which means if not given full charge of their Capacities Over Cycle’s they will forget their full Capacity and will remember the point to which they were last Charged as their ‘Maximum Charge Capacity‘ However Most of us Never had Nickel batteries in our mobile phones due to Early adoption of the ‘Lithium-Ion’ Batteries which fortunately didn’t suffer from the ‘Memory leak’ issues of that of Nickel Batteries and could hold large Capacities while being fairly slim which helped majorily in mobile Revolution as our ‘Smartphone’s became Slim and Compact’ and these Lithium batteries would have long life and Better charge cycles and does charge fairly quickly but one kind of problem However Was that these batteries would get warm and as they get warm they Charge quickly and So don’t worry if you’re Smartphone gets warm while charging as it is the Nature of Lithium based Batteries, but! One problem is that if you put your Smartphone plugged Overnight after reaching its full Capacities the batteries don’t have any other Option to exhibit heat in-order to leave their extra Charge and will expand, Sound’s kinda bad Right! but, Not to worry! as Modern days Smartphone’s have become So Smart that they Can Stop the Charging Cycle if the Batteries reach their full Capacities and So When you Charge your Smartphone Overnight it will Charge fully while remaining fairly Cool..! However your Charging habits Can and Might play an important role in the life of your Smartphone’s Battery and So if you want to get Most out of your Smartphone’s Battery then the ‘Tip’ We recommend is to keep your, Smartphone’s Battery between (10%- 90%),
it means neither letting your phone die Nor keeping it Charged full So it will increase the life of your Smartphone’s Battery..!

So what do you feel about the Tip that we have Suggested, and do you agree with what We have Concluded.., Let us know your thoughts in theĀ Comments Section below..!

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