The Google Nexus 5X start at INR Rupee 31,900 ($485) for the 16GB of model and the google nexus 6P start at INR Rupee 39,999 ($608) for the 32GB model. This is only starting prices are visible for now and have to wait till the phone are up for pre-order to see pricing for other variants.

Prices of all new nexus devices:-

Google Nexus 5X price 16GB:- Rs 31,999
Google Nexus 5X price 32GB:- Rs 35,900

Google Nexus 6P 32GB:- Rs 39,999
Google Nexus 6P 64GB:- Rs 42,999
Google Nexus 6P 128GB:_ Rs 47,999

You want to purchase the accessories of the device like USB Type-C to Type-C cable Rs 1,399.99 and USB Type-C Standard-A adpater for Rs 909.99 and Universal 15W USB Type-C charger Rs 1,799.99.


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